That’s a quote from one of my favorite authors, Bob Goff. I highly recommend any and all of his books.

Resting is all I’ve been doing of late, as I’ve been a bit under the weather. I had some blog posts scheduled ahead, but responding to all your sweet comments isn’t happening.

Time for another nap!

Have a great day!

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This and That

My little Willy Boy is afraid of almost everything. Do you think this new Captain America harness will make him feel brave?

Winslow got new jammies. She quite enjoys getting dressed up!

The mister and I took our bikes to the next town for ice cream and mini golf last weekend. Might have to do it again today!

Our hydrangeas are just gorgeous this year.

These hooligans spent a couple days here last week. We had fun doing crafty things.

My haul from the recent overstock sales at AccuQuilt . Now they are 40% off! And they have added a bunch more to the Overstock section.

Have a great day!

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Finish It Up Friday ~ Rolling Stone

And the answer is…..NO! I cannot quilt only one fan per day. Quilting is addictive. Sigh…..

Anyway, I have a finished quilt to show for it. It is small, only about 53” square.

I used these for marking my fans. You can read about my experiment with these here.

You can see in the next photo that I hadn’t washed it yet.

I also used a blue/gray quilting thread from YLI.

I bought a box of various colors of this at an estate sale a few months ago. I had never used it before, but now I will! I love this stuff!

And here are the after washing photos. The marks completely washed out. Love that texture!

Sigh… lovely!

I used Hobbs 80/20 batting this time. It was what I had on hand. I don’t usually use anything with poly in it when quilting a vintage top. But it did turn out beautifully and it is very soft and snuggly.

Of course, I’m already trying to decide what I will hand quilt next.

Have a great day!

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Did you guess….

….where I was heading here?

Years ago, I saw in a book somewhere, a quilt made to celebrate Hailey’s Comet. I tried to find it again and was unable to. But that was my inspiration for this little bit.

Here is the back. I quilted a random grid and used a single fold binding.

I think I’d like it better in solids, but I’ll definitely make a bigger one some day!

Before I go, here is a book I very much enjoyed.

Have a good one. 😊

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Did you see it?

Pardon my excitement, but AccuQuilt released a new BOB die yesterday and my design is on the packaging!

In case you missed the Live show yesterday, here is the quilt I made.

It finished at 40” square, making it perfect for a baby.

Also, there is special pricing on die bundles that include the new Mill & Stars die, 40% off overstocks, and double reward points today! Click here for details.

You can also download the free pattern for this quilt from the AccuQuilt website.

And click here for a video tutorial to make the block.

Thanks for sharing my excitement. 😊 Have a great day!

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A Little Idea

I’ve had an idea for some time now for a quilt. I decided to make a mini to try out my idea. These are the fabrics I chose for this test piece.

And these are the dies I used.

It only took a few minutes to cut these out.

Can you guess where I’m headed with this?

Stay tuned…..

Have a great day!

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June Wrap Up

I had more finishes this month than it looks like. Lots of secret sewing was accomplished this month! Here is what I can share.

If you tune into AccuQuilt Live tomorrow, you will get to see one of my secret sewing projects from a few months ago! They are releasing another new die, and it might be my favorite yet!

Have a great day!

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Slow Stitching Sunday

I’ve been binding the vintage quilt that I’m hand quilting. No, the quilting isn’t done.

But after I got one row of fans done all around the outside, I was able to get the binding on.

I think you can see the quilting a bit better on the back.

I used cutoffs from the backing to make the binding.

Have a great day!

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Every blog post needs a quilt photo, right? So here it is.

Now on to the point of this post. I’ve used Bloglovin’ for several years as a way to keep up with my favorite blogs. Recently, it has become very problematic. I see this every time I try to read my blogs.

This happened a few months ago and I thought they had it fixed. If so, it’s broken again. Ugh.

If you have followed my blog via this app, there is an alternative.

Go to my home page and enter your email here. Then my posts will show up in your inbox daily. Rest assured, your email isn’t used for anything, except delivering the blog post.

You can also follow via Feedly. I am still on the fence about that reader though.

If you have any alternative ideas, let us all know in the comments.

Have a great day!

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Finish It Up Friday ~ Tuppence Baby Quilt

This finish was as quick as I expected. I liked the design, but am underwhelmed by the fabric choices.

It seems that when working with a charm pack, I feel committed to using every piece and not adding any to it. This is not always the best course of action.

I should have eliminated some of the lighter squares and added more navy bits from my stash for better contrast. It’s okay, but it could have been better. Live and learn.

It finished at about 46 by 54. I used a pantograph from Willow Leaf Studio called Ink Blot. The backing is from the “way back stash.”

I would try this idea again. It was quick and easy, but I’d spend more time on fabric choices.

Have a great day!

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