Wool Ironing Pad Update

Remember last fall when I bought my wool pressing mat? Actually, it was a saddle pad for a horse. They are the exact same material, a half inch thick and 100% wool. I bought one from State Line Tack.

This one measures a whopping 30 by 30. There was a coupon code for a first purchase so I got this shipped for about $30.

My only regret? I wish I had bought two to begin with. I just purchased a second one to completely cover my ironing table.

It was too thick to cut with my rotary cutter, but I did use it to “score” a line and then finished the job with my big batting scissors.

Much better! They are just sitting next to each other. I’ll use them like this for a while and then decide if I need to connect them somehow.

Have a great day!

PS Some people have mentioned a smell associated with these. I liken it to wet mittens. I noticed it for awhile with the first one, but it did go away in time. No smell transferred to my fabric. I notice it even less with the second pad. No affiliation.

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DWMonday ~ New Leader/Ender Project

I have started a new batik leader/ender project in an attempt to empty this box.

First I see them into twosies.

And then into foursies. Like my technical terms? I think I will lay them out like this.

I’ll likely use a solid alternate rectangle, like this.

This kind of very simple project works well for me as a leader/ender project. It is mindless.

If you don’t know what leader/enders are click here.

Have a great day!

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Grandmother’s Flower Garden UFO

Since I’m finding myself with dedicated hand sewing time (I take one of my grandsons to speech therapy twice a week) and my Hexie project is pieced, I thought I might finally get back to this top.

I purchased these blocks sometime before 1997. I know this because I remember which house we were living in. They came with this little copper template, ideal for use with a rotary cutter to cut background pieces.

The seam allowances on the flowers are about 3/8 of an inch, less than I’d like, but I felt I had to keep going with that.

It seems that I get most tired of a project about 2/3s of the way through and this was no exception. I haven’t touched it in ages. Encouraged by my progress on the last hand piecing UFO I finished, I picked this up again. Here I am now.

I have no idea how I will finish the edges on this. I hope my current momentum on this will continue. Have a great day!

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Dollhouse Chronicles ~ PSA

Since we are all dealing with COVID 19, this tiny family has compiled some helpful tips.

First, don’t hoard toilet paper. Save some for others. Shop locally if you can, I got this roll from the bathroom next door.

Do wash your hands frequently. This Peach Bellini from Bath and Body smells lovely, though after 20-30 seconds of washing, you made feel thirsty…

Spend this time doing productive things, like finishing that UFO.

Work from home if you can.

Takes some time to listen to music.

Read a book!

Take a nap!

Learn a new skill.

Take time to play.

Reconnect with your spouse.

Cook and have dinner as a family.

Whatever you do, keep the baby away from the puppy or she may lose her nose.

In all seriousness, every difficulty is an opportunity. Every dark period is history has spawned creativity and innovation.

My trust is not in governments or men, but in the Lord who created me.

Hubby and I have been dealing with a cold/flu bug around here. He was at the doctor on Thursday; it’s not Corona. But we are staying in and keeping it to ourselves. The puppies are great napping buddies. I’ll get back to responding to comments soon.

Have a wonderful day!

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Finish It Up Friday ~ Vines

I’m so excited about this finish! Unfortunately the weather hasn’t cooperated for pictures. I stopped by a local park to take a few.

I love the backing from Ila! I actually got a few puckers in the backing. But they are well hidden in this print.

My echos are very uneven, but now that it’s all done, it looks good.

Just for fun, this next photo shows before washing. I used Quilter’s Dream 80/20 batting.

One more UFO is off the list. Have a great day!

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Back to the Tumblers

I made myself cut the needed tumblers to finish this top.

And I made a plan and got my rows ready to sew.

I’ll do five more rows and then reassess.

Someone said I wasn’t happy with it because it was nearly square. I think that’s true.

For me, a quilt needs to be useful as well. As is, it feels to big for a wall or baby quilt and too small for a throw or bed quilt.

Have a great day!

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Quilting Vines

I’m so happy to be quilting this! I have the perfect person in mind for this.

I thought I would share how I did the feathers. First, I stitched a line one quarter inch from the green/muslin seam. Then I drew a line a half inch from the outside edge. These provide guidelines. I don’t want the tips of my feathers to get lost in the binding. Then I use a wavy template to stitch the spine.

It’s been a while since I have done feathers. I did the inside feathers first a warm up. I figure the outer feathers would show mistakes more.

Then I went back and added the feathers on the other side. Good enough.

I wanted to echo quilt around the vines and leaves. It was harder than I thought and I ended up using templates.

It took forever. But the overall effect worked for me so it was worth it.

Looking forward to sharing this finish soon. Have a great day!

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