Finish It Up Friday ~ Ila’s Favorite

It’s done! Dear bloggy friend, Ila, sent me this lovely feed sack top last winter. I was immediately smitten with it!

It’s nearly all made of feed sacks. It had the craziest seam allowances, but in spite of that, the maker had beautifully matching points.

I’ve had this backing fabric in my stash for some time and it was perfect for this top. I used the same fabric for the binding.

I used a pantograph called Woven Winds to quilt this. It is reminiscent of Baptist Fans. I had initially thought that I would hand quilt this, but given the massive seam allowances, I decided machine quilting was the better tack to take.

I love the design of the piecing!

There are a few stains that improved, but were not removed by washing. I care not, it’s part of the history. It is so cozy now. I foresee many picnics on this sweet quilt! Thank you, Ila for thinking of me. It may not actually be your favorite, but I’m calling it that anyway!

Have a great day!

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Finish It Up ~ Kite Quilt

Problems not withstanding, I made it through and finished this little quilt.

I love the design and it reminds me of a small quilt I had when I was very small. It was the only quilt I ever had until I was married.

My little quilt was made of simple squares with a pink border, but it had similar prints. And it had polka dots! This backing fabric is a bit shiny and slick, much like an old blanket binding.

The photos above were taken before washing and the rest, after. It crinkled up, but not enough to hide my poor quilting job. Look away now if you are squeamish!

Yeah, not good. If you missed it, you can read about my quilting woes here.

Far from perfect, I still love this little bit.

Have a great day!

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Broken Star Take 2

I haven’t forgotten this. I’ve been contemplating my next step.

Sheri suggested that I use a point trimmer to make the diamonds easier to line up. BTW, Sheri has a fun Facebook page called Mommo Quilts and Crafts. Anyway, I picked up this set as it was all I could get locally.

I don’t like the opaqueness of these. You line them up and trim the points.

In the process, I noticed this…..

Yeah, not exactly an accurate cut there! Sigh….no wonder so few of these were finished.

So once again, I’m debating whether to try to machine piece another diamond, or look for a rubber stamp to mark the seam lines and go back to my hand piecing idea.

I think I’ll go work on something else while I think about that. Have a great day!

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May Wrap Up!

It has been a busy month around here. I didn’t set any goals, but still accomplished quite a bit. Here is a recap of my finishes.

Have a great day!

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QOVs Part 3

Here are the last of the Quilts of Valor that I long arm quilted this month. The first one is called Interlocked. I do not have pattern info on the rest.

Pantograph is Fantasy Flame.

Pantograph is Calder.

Pantograph is Tendril.

I hope you have a wonderful day and that you are able to enjoy the freedoms we have. Never let them go. Men and women have fought and died to preserve the liberty we so often take for granted.

God bless America.

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QOV Part 2

I have more Quilts of Valor for you today! Again, I only quilted these, I did not piece them. I only have pattern info for the first one. Pantograph is called Any Which Way.

The maker of the top included this info about her top.

I have no pattern info for this one. Pantograph is called Worm Trail.

Again, no pattern info. Pantograph is Amoebas Gone Wild.

Next pantograph is Fantasy Flame.

Have a great day!

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Quilts of Valor!

I’m finally back to quilting Quilts of Valor! I picked up a batch of tops from the Stitching Sisters group. I’m only quilting the tops. I do not have any pattern info. Enjoy!

It seemed appropriate to share these this weekend. Come back tomorrow for more.

Have a great day!

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Finish It Up Friday ~ Jack in the Box

It’s done! My third hand quilting finish of the year, outside of a few minis. The first few pics are before washing.

You may be able to see the blue washout pen markings.

Gotta love that texture!

After I was done with the binding, I threw this in the washer for a short cycle on cold without detergent. I wanted to make sure all the blue pen was rinsed out. Then I added some towels that needed washing and ran the washer again, thus time with detergent. As I was quilting, I decided that the fabrics in this top were strong enough to stand up to that. And here it is!

I didn’t notice until after washing that this block had two different ginghams in it.

Plain muslin for the backing and a vintage cadet blue for the binding.

It feels as good as it looks.

I’m using this one on the couch in the evenings. I used Quilters Dream batting and it is so cozy!

Before I go, I wanted to let you know about another Accuquilt Launch Party coming up on Tuesday. They always have great giveaways for attendees in addition to great info and special deals. Click here to register.

Have a great day!

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Leader/Ender Update

I am back to working on these blocks.

This is my block tally so far:

And this is the tub of 30s print squares I still have to use.

I will probably quit at 36 blocks. I’d love 64, but I’m losing steam. We’ll see.

Have a great day!

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Quilt Repair Process

Remember this top from my bloggy friend, Ila? I started working on repairing it.

This was my first repair. I carefully removed that block with the tear.

Then I took a tuck in the back of the block.

It’s hard to even see the seam!

The seam allowances were so large that I had no problem stitching this smaller piece back into place.


Some of you suggested using some of those large seam allowances for patching. That worked out great!

I don’t think these will be noticeable at all once this is quilted.

Reason came to me and I decided that with those large seam allowances, that machine quilting would be best. I hope to get started with that today.

Before I go, I wanted to let you know about this amazing sale at Connecting Threads . Make sure you use the code, SEW4SUMMER to get the deal.

Have a great day!

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