Dollhouse Chronicles ~ A Last Look

Some of you that have been around a while, may remember my Dollhouse posts. If you are interested, click on the link in my sidebar to go back and look. Anyway, as part of our downsizing process, I sold my mid century modern ranch.

I took these photos before it was picked up. I loved creating this.

I built the kitchen and appliances from scratch, along with the table, and living room furniture.

I loved my egg carton fireplace!

And the hardwood floors.

I think my favorite things are the couch and chair I made.

I still have my big dollhouse. In fact, I’m taking it out to AZ with me! Daughter #2 has built a small dollhouse and I think we will have fun working on these and sharing ideas.

Hope you enjoyed this little look back. Good bye, little house!

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Prep Work

It won’t be long now and we will be heading back to the desert! Yay! That means it’s time to prep some projects. Here are a few I’m taking.

I took apart a top I made years ago with these vintage blocks. I hope to get them put back together with this solid.

Aunt Martha will be tagging along.

I brought this home in the spring and wondered why. I have a much bigger design wall in AZ.

These are leftovers. I think they will make a fun little design project.

This looks like a mess, but I do have a plan!

I have 36 Kaffe fat quarters that I’ve never cut into. I want to decide on a plan and get these chopped up before I go. I’m thinking of doing either hexagons or snowballs.

No idea what do do with these. I’ll have my GO! Cutter so I can decide later.

I’m sure there will be more.

Have a great day!

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Two and Four QAL ~ Update!

My readers are just the best! Roseanne just left this comment and I had to share with you all.

Hi Katy! I’m a little late to the party but ready to start cutting. Just an FYI – it takes 22 FQ pieces to make a 60×80 quilt. How do I know – we did the math!! Of course, I have a 20 piece bundle so I’m going to supplement it from stash, and will start cutting right away. Such a fun QAL. ~smile~ Roseanne

How great is that? Thanks so much, Roseanne!

Since I’m sending a second post, I thought I’d share this as well….

Two new dies will be released today with special pricing! Click here for details.

While we are at it, check out the new clearance seals at Connecting Threads .

That’s it for now. See you tomorrow!

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Two and Four QAL

Do you have your 4 patches done? If so, you are over halfway done with your blocks already. Woo hoo! Give yourself a Pat on the back. 😁

Time to get out those rectangles.

Clearly I cut enough for several quilts! Today we start sewing simple Fence Rail blocks.

Pick one light and one dark rectangle and sew them together. Press your seams toward the dark side. Simple! Repeat this 78 times and you are done for this week.

Next week, we will start some design work. Check out Deanna’s post on Wedding Dress Blue for directions on the version with smaller pieces.

Have a great day!

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Finish It Up Monday

I enjoyed some hand stitching and finished this little piece.

I had planned to use black quilting thread, but I didn’t have any on hand, so I went with this old crochet thread.

My stitching isn’t all that even, but I love the texture.

The texture shows even more after washing.

The back was a perfect place to use this funky batik.

Such a satisfying little project!

Have a great day!

PS The next Accuquilt Live event is tomorrow at 1 PM Eastern Time. Click here to register! They will be introducing two new dies!

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Slow Stitching Sunday

Thanks to travel sewing and a power outage, hand quilting on this has gone pretty fast!

The center is done and I’ve started the borders.

It feels like the borders need a bit more. But I love how it looks on the back.

Today I’ll ponder that border and perhaps make binding. Yahoo!

Have a great day!

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This and That

E3 checked out my new toy. He will get a chance to try it out soon!

I listened to this book recently. It hits home for those of us with aging parents. Keep your Kleenex handy.

Speaking of parents, I visited my mom last week. My sister and I took her to this park we frequented as kids. It’s just as beautiful as I remembered.

We love to thrift together, and I found this chair at Habitat Restore. For ten bucks, I had to bring it home. Daughter #3 did a bit of research and found out it is an antique saloon chair!

It was repaired a very long time ago. Sure wish I knew the story of this one.

I think this will live in my Arizona house. it seems to belong in the Wild West.

Have a great weekend!

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No Finish Friday

Thanks for all of your kind thoughts yesterday. Our power came back earlier than predicted, so that was nice. I have clean freezers and that feels good.

No finishes today! But I do have a small start. Sometimes, you just need to stitch. This new toy arrived from Accuquilt last week. Isn’t it cute?

It came with two useful dies.

So I picked a small project to try it out. it works just as well as the bigger Accuquilt GO! Cutter. I can see grabbing this little guy for travel projects. I’m also planning on letting the grands use this one!

It was going to be a mug rug, but it grew.

Then it needed borders so it grew again.

I’m thinking about hand quilting this. We’ll see.

If you have an Accuquilt Studio Die Cutter, studio dies are half off until September 15th with the code, 50STUDIO.

Have a great day!

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At least that’s how I feel when the power goes out. We had some heavy storms here Tuesday night and we are still waiting for power to be restored. Hopefully, some time today we will be back in business.

This is a short walk from my house. Here is our backyard.

Another yard near ours.

It wasn’t Ida, so I’m not complaining. I’m very thankful that Daughter #1 had an empty freezer we could use. We are keeping a careful eye on water levels and I’ll be cleaning the refrigerated and freezer. God is good.

Hopefully I’ll be back to quilty content tomorrow.

Have a great day!

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A New Old Top!

Lucky me! I received happy mail while I was out of town. Sweet blight friend, Deanna, sent me this lovely top.

Isn’t that a stunner? Let’s look a bit closer.

It is both machine and hand pieced.

I love the fabric in the alternate blocks!

Thanks so much, Deanna! I can’t wait to start working on this.

Have a great day!

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