This and That Thursday

….where I wax poetically on this and that…..or maybe just ramble a bit. Anyway, I completed six more leader/ender blocks. That was my goal for this month so it looks like I’m ahead in at least one area of life. Lol!

And my swap blocks.

E2 visited me. He likes his cake and ice cream!

We got snow and the puppies were thrilled!

And this little project is well in hand.

Have a great day!

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They belong to all of us…

I rarely pass along or share memes that I see on Facebook. Most of the time I find them more annoying than anything.

But this hit very close to home. Daughter #2 served at one of the bases hit in Iraq this week back in 2016-17.

It should hit home, no matter which side of the great divide you find yourself on in our country today.

It is time for us to set aside our petty differences. It is time to seek out that which unites us. It is time to respect and honor those willing to make the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf by coming together and being a nation worth fighting for.

Our national security is threatened when our hatred towards one another is greater than our love for our country.

Our men and women in uniform belong to all of us. Let us support and pray for them.

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Baby Quilts 2019

Today I’m looking back at the baby quilts I made last year. I love making baby quilts! They are the perfect size for trying out new ideas.

Most of these have been gifted. You can bet I will be making more this year!

Have a great day!

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Fixing a Quilt on the Longarm

Every once in a while, I come across a spot on a quilt that needs to be fixed while it is on the long arm. I thought I’d show you how I do that. I had quilted over half of this quilt when I noticed a whole.

You can see that the border slipped while sewing and a hole was created.

I unpicked the seam on both ends back to where the seam allowance was correct. Then I realigned everything and pinned it in place. I used the long arm to resew the seam.

It isn’t perfectly straight, but much better than it was.

And it looks good from the front.

On the back, you see a straight line of stitching, but it isn’t noticeable from a distance.

I’m glad I found this when I did. If I hadn’t, it is possible that my longarm foot could have gotten caught and torn the fabric.

I hope this helps if you ever end up in this situation. Have a great day!

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Library Quilt

I received this beautiful fabric as a gift from my sweet friend, Donna. I used to work as a reference librarian. I loved that job!

This matching yardage is from Daughter #3.

Inspiration hit and I pulled some more fabrics and got out this Accuquilt die.

It didn’t take long to cut over 200 rectangles. I then divided into two equal piles of roughly lights and darks.

Then I sewed into twosies.

A quick press and I’m ready for the next step.

This will be my first finish of 2020. Have a great day!

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Slow Stitching Sunday ~ Still Knitting

I’m still bumbling my way through some knitting projects. This is a dishcloth I knit. It was very tiny after washing. 😂

I started another with smaller needles. I hope it won’t shrink as much.

And I made a very sad little kitty. I had planned for this to be a gift, but it’s just too sorry looking. I’d give him eyes, but I don’t want him to see himself.

I was asked about patterns for the cowls I knit for Christmas gifts.

The pattern for this scarf (I made mine into a cowl) can be found here.

The following cowl was knit using this pattern from a Noble Knits.

As far as dishcloths, I just find a knitting pattern I want to try and make it into a dish cloth. Real scientific! At some point, I hope to stumble across a pattern to use my “good yarn” on. Until then, I’ll just keep bumbling.

Have a great day!

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Vintage Quilts

No dollhouse work has happened over the holidays. But Mr. Wonderful and I hit up a few antique places on New Years Day. Here are some lovely quilts I saw.

I’m trying to date this last one. I think this is mid 1800s. It was completely hand done. I loved it.

Such stories they could tell! I didn’t bring any home. But I sure was tempted!

Have a great day!

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