Have you heard?

…..about an app for your phone called ibotta?

My hubby has been using this for nearly the last year. I wasn’t interested. He is the shopper, not me, and this is an app that gives cash back on certain purchases. They have different offers from many different retailers such as Amazon, Kroger, Dollar Tree etc. I wasn’t interested, until he showed me this.

Hmmmm…..that could be interesting…. They have other offers too and they are stackable, meaning you can redeem other offers like those below and still get the 10% on top of that.

This is how it works. You download the app and register. Then open the app and search for offers. Click on the red plus sign to “claim” your offfers. You may have to watch a 15 second video to claim it. Then shop as you normally would. Then, go back into your app and click on the redeem button.

It will ask you to scan your receipt. Then money for the offers shows up in your account. Here’s a screen shot of mine from last week.

And what did I buy? I bought this bolt of sold gray wide backing fabric. There are 12 yards so the cost would have been $120. I used a 60% off JoAnns coupon which brought it down to $48. Then I got $7.08 back from ibotta bringing my total to just over $41 for 12 yards of 108 inch backing.

Reading over this, it sounds much more complicated than it is. Basically, it is a rebate app. You find offers, claim them, shop, and scan your receipt using your phone. When you accumulate $20 in your account, you can withdraw funds. Hubby has gotten $675 back so far. Some offers are for grocery items, like .50 back on bananas or bread. My plan is to let my earnings accumulate for a year and use it for my Black Friday shopping next year.

If you are interested, download the free app from the App Store and sign up with this referral code: FNWILQO. Or just click here. You will get a $10 bonus after claiming your first $10 in rewards and I get a small bonus for referring you.

But even if there weren’t a bonus, I’d still share with you, because I’m using it myself. I would have bought this bolt regardless, but getting money back made the deal a bit sweeter. I also got a reward for a large purchase of batting this month.

I hope this is helpful to some of you.

Have a great day!

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What Would You Do…

…..if you woke up one morning and all of your stash was gone…

…..all the yardage….

…..all the precuts……

….all the bundles….

That is exactly what has happened to hundreds of quilters as a result of the California fires. They lost much more than fabric, they lost homes, family members, and friends. But fabric and quilting supplies are ways we can help.

There is a quilt shop out there that is accepting donations. They are setting up a “store” with these donations where quilters who have lost everything can shop for free.

If you would like to thin out your stash, you can send any fabric, tools, books etc. to this address:

Please mark the box, Attention: Rhonda.

Have a wonderful day!

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Finish It Up Friday ~ The Eagle Quilt

Ta daaa!

I’m chuffed to bits with this small quilt! It measures about 48″ square.

Want to know why it was so quick? I used Heat N Bond Light for the applique and I didn’t stitch the edges. 😳

I’ve done this before with decent results. My quilting this time wasn’t quite as close though. This is what it looks like after washing.

I can live with this. However, I’ve gotten some machine appliqué tips from a bloggy friend, so next time I’m going to try her suggestions.

Here’s a look at the back.

I have seen so many beautiful vintage applique quilts, but I just can’t get the hang of hand applique. So hopefully, I can hit upon a machine method that will work for me.

I love how this fits into my patriotic themed family room. For now, I’m putting it away until after Christmas.

BTW, all the appliqués used were cut from dies made by Accuquilt . In fact the triangles were cut on my die cutter as well. There will be more eagle quilts in my future.

Have a great day!

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After a very slow start, this quilt is really moving along! I have a love/hate relationship with these blue washout pens, but I did use one here.

I like to mark my cross hatching ahead of time. I also marked the spines of my feathers.

That means I have to wash this when I’m done.

Come back tomorrow for my finish! Have a great day!

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Eagle Progress

All the fusing of pieces is done for the Eagle quilt.

I decided this needs a sawtooth border.

I also need to figure out what to add in the middle of the four blocks.

Things are coming together here. I’m starting to think about the quilting.

Have a great day!

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When I bought my first long arm, I didn’t think I would ever use pantographs. Boy, was I wrong! Don’t get me wrong, I love free motion work, ruler work etc., but pantos have their place.

Pantographs assure even density in quilting across the surface of the quilt.

They are perfect for quilts that will get washed a lot, like baby quilts.

And often, the quilting design is secondary to the piecing. That is why I use pantos most of the time for QOVs.

There are so many amazing designs these days as well. Gotta love this texture!

When I bought a bigger long arm, I hadn’t thought much about using bigger pantos until my friend, Lynn, opened my eyes. She told me about ordering custom sizes to take advantage of the bigger throat on my machine. That was a light bulb moment for me! I ordered a few and loved them!

Twice a year, Urban Elementz has a 25% off everything sale. I wait for these sales! I thought I missed it this year, but it is going on right now and ends December 9th. My wish list is long. 🙄 So far, I’ve narrowed things down to this:

If you’ve been wanting one of the Dream Big panels, they have those also.

I think I need to find a way to better organize my panto collection!

Have a great day!

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DWMonday ~ Eagle

Remember when I was working on this?

I wasn’t quite satisfied and someone suggested adding navy. I finally got around to picking some up and got some pieces prepped and cut so I could try out a few other options.





After I fused the pieces of the first block in place, I placed the second block on top so I could use the first as a placement guide. This worked really well.

This quilt has been on my bucket list for a long time. I’m glad to finally move forward on it.

Have a great day!

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