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Slow Stitching Sunday

I’m pulling this out to work on since my hand quilting project is in AZ. It will be pieced randomly and will take forever. I should write on one of the papers the date I started piecing. Have a great … Continue reading

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Finish It Up Friday ~ GFG

My Grandmother’s Flower Garden is done! I bought the vintage flower blocks many years ago and began piecing them together. There was a period of at least ten years when they never saw the light of day. But this year … Continue reading

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Grandmother’s Flower Garden UFO

Since I’m finding myself with dedicated hand sewing time (I take one of my grandsons to speech therapy twice a week) and my Hexie project is pieced, I thought I might finally get back to this top. I purchased these … Continue reading

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Slow Stitching Sunday

This little quilt frame might my favorite dollhouse piece. It came with this bit of preprinted patchwork. I had to change that! I dug through some bits and found these tiny leftover hexies. It shouldn’t take too long to finish … Continue reading

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Slow Stitching Sunday

Remember this piece that I took apart? I ended up taking it back to regular flowers rather than diamonds. On my recent trip, I began piecing it back together. Daughter #2 and I split the driving and I did a … Continue reading

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Design Wall Monday ~ Dutch Hexies Again

I have my quilt top taken apart and have been playing with some lay outs. I have another trip coming up and I’d like to take this along to work on. I’m not loving any of these so I will … Continue reading

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Slow Unstitching Sunday

Nope, not a typo. I’m taking this apart. This has been a UFO for decades! I bought the fabric in Amsterdam in 1999. I thought I had a great idea and put it together as you can see in this … Continue reading

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Finish It Up Friday ~ Vintage Bowties

I signed up for a doll quilt swap on Instagram hosted by @tossedbutnotsunk aka Jenny B. I found out about the swap while I was piecing these blocks in December and decided if this little quilt turned out well, that … Continue reading

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Hand Piecing

Someone asked about hand piecing my bow tie blocks. I thought I would share a quick tutorial on how I do it. First, I cut my pieces and mark the seam allowances on the back. The template I use has … Continue reading

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Hand Piecing

Since I’m traveling this month, I wanted to get a hand piecing kit together. First, I purchased this smaller scrapbook plastic case for my supplies. I use the bigger versions of this for project boxes, they hold up to 12 … Continue reading

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