When I went through the snafu with waiting for the track supports for my long arm, the company gave me some gift cards for my trouble. I used one to buy thus set of couching feet.

I finally got around to trying them out.

Like most things, it isn’t quite as easy as it looks on YouTube! But the videos are helpful. The couching feet have a hole in the center just big enough for the yarn and thread to go through. As you stitch, the thread stitches the yarn to the surface of the quilt. Sometimes it moves too fast and the yarn didn’t get stitched down.

I also learned that I have to keep the yarn loose, but beware of kinks.

Also, filling in areas will take a lot of practice!

It was a fun experiment. It will be fun to play with some different yarns. It could be fun to use this technique on a baby quilt.

Have a great day!

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Puss in the Corner Progress

I finally started quilting this top.

This is the best photo I could get of the quilting so far.

It’s slow going, but at least it is started!

Have a great day!

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Two Tiny Finishes for Friday

If you follow me on Instagram (@katyquilts), then you’ve seen my progress on this little quilt this week.

This started life as a vintage block from my stash. I only had this one, but thought it would make a perfect tiny doll quilt. I hand quilted it. Here is the back.

After I finished this, I got it in my head to make a tiny bed.

It’s just three pieces of wood glued together and stained. I made the little mattress from a bit of vintage feedsack.

It’s chunkier than I would like, but it was kind of fun to make.

I think I will work on version two.

Have a great day!

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Dream Big

Have you seen the Dream Big panels yet? They are 43 inch square fabric panels for quilting. They come in several different color ways. Aren’t they beautiful?

I just found out that Urban Elementz has them on sale from now until July 17th.

They also have quilting designs to go with them if you don’t feel like freehanding it. I’ve been wanting to get one of these for a while. I might order a couple! And I thought you might be interested as well.

Have a good one!

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Ties Part 2

After ironing all those ties in my last post, I decided my project would be small! I wanted to use this die from Accuquilt .

I cut pieces of fusible interfacing a big larger than my pieces.

Then I cut chunks from the ties and ironed the interfacing down.

And cut them out with my die cutter.

Now to decide on a layout.

Have a great day!

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My local quilt guild was given thousands of ties. They put them all on a table and said, help yourself! This is a guild challenge project to make something from these.

I decided they would all get thrown in the wash and if any didn’t survive, I didn’t want them in my project anyway.

I threw in some color catchers and this is how they turned out! Yikes!

I washed hem a second time and threw a few out. I took them apart while watching a movie. Now they are pressed and ready for fusible interfacing.

Come back tomorrow for the next chapter in this story! Have a great day!

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Baby Tumbler

Thank you to everyone for all of your sweet comments regarding our sweet little grandson! I am completely smitten! I’ve also been terrible at responding to comments. Having a two and four year old in the house means never being alone for a minute! They were a delight to have and I’m not complaining. On to today’s post.

Remember when I cut these out?

I used this Accuquilt die to cut them.

Piecing this was a good project last week while hubby was off work. I could run down to the sewing room and work in bits.

Now it’s on the frame. The panto is called African Samba and it is available from Urban Elementz .

This will be finished soon! Have a great day.

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