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I love listening to audio books while sewing or walking. I really enjoyed this historical fiction book about real life Eliza Lucas Pinckney. In the 1700s, she brought indigo production to the US. I highly recommend it.

We recently had our power go out for a few hours. This almost never happens in our neighborhood. It was kind of fun to light the candles and enjoy the peace.

This is not so fun. This is my fourth time I have been summoned for jury duty. It is supposed to start in a January.

This little girl went to the groomer. You can tell she had quite the attitude about it!

And we’ve had a few snow days. I admit it’s pretty for a day or so. But I’m over it.

I’ve been doing a bit of cleaning in the sewing room and I’m thinking about having a little virtual garage sale of some quilting things here. Anyone interested?

Have a happy Saturday!

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Finish It Up Friday ~ I Spy

My biggest November goal has been met with the completion of this quilt for my grandson, Little L.

The pattern (yes, I actually followed one) is Once Upon a Time by Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle.

I free hand quilted this in a bit of an elongated meander. I love how the back turned out!

I bought a bag full of these novelty prints at a yard sale and all I had to do was trim them down with my Accuquilt studio cutter. Such a time saver! BTW, from now until November 30th, they have free shipping on any size order.

This will be going on a bunk bed, so I didn’t want it to be too big.

I think he can use it either way.

The background is a dark gray Kona cotton, maybe Coal? It does look black in some of these photos, but it isn’t.

I can wait to see my little boy and give this to him!

Have a great day!

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Lets Talk Binding

This is one of my most used Accuquilt dies. I use it to make nearly all of my binding.

After cutting my strips, I stitch them end to end and press the seam open.

This is my pressing setup for binding. As I press it, it falls into the bowl.

I love a good bowl of binding! I usually make extra to have on hand for small quilts.

Here’s where I place the bowl when I start stitching it to the quilt.

I leave a bit of a tail at the beginning and end.

I fold back these tails and give it a press to mark where they meet. That will be my seam line.

I match the creases and stitch them together on the pressed line, trimming away the excess.

I fingerpress the seam open and then finishing attaching the binding.

Now it’s all ready for hand stitching!

And no, I have not finished quilting this quilt. But since I started quilting around the outside and work toward the middle, I can bind as soon as the outside edge of the quilt is quilted.

Have a great day!

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Vintage Bow Ties

I’ll be doing some traveling next month, so I’ve been on the lookout for a hand project to take. Once again, I pulled out these vintage bow tie blocks.

Some are sewn into strips already. There is a total of 18 blocks.

I remembered that I had this template set and I’m thinking about using it to cut these apart and make smaller blocks.

It would allow me to remove damaged bits and have consistent sized blocks to sew together into a doll quilt top.

That center square is a bit of a tight fit. I would probably dig through my vintage scraps to make a few more blocks as well.

Have a great day!

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I saw on Instagram recently that someone had made hot pads out of old jeansand bias tape. Since I’d just blown the behind out of my favorite Levi’s, I decided to give it a go. Here’s my first attempt.

And the back.

Too small and too messy. But not one to give up easily, I decided to try again. But this time, I quilted the layers first. BTW, I used a product called Insulbrite for the batting. It is specifically made for hot pads and such. It is available at your local JoAnn’s.

I used some prefolded bias tape I had laying around, stitching it to the top first. This stuff is trickier to work with than I expected.

Then I pulled out a secret weapon. Well, not so secret, I suppose.

I used the glue to baste the edges to the back. Just a tiny bit of glue and a quick press of the iron will hold it in place.

Then I topstitched from the front close to the edge, creating the loop as I went.

The front looks much better than the back, but it’s good enough for me.

And I have enough left to make two more. These finish at about 6 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches.

Will everyone be getting hot pads for a Christmas? Heck, no! But it was an interesting little diversion. I might do this again, but it would be easier to just make my own binding.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled quilting.

Have a great day!

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DWMonday ~ A Pieced Backing

Generally speaking, I’m not fond of making pieced quilt backs. But I really wanted to use these panels on the back of the quilt I am making for Little L.

This is how the backing turned out. All the solids in this quilt are Kona Cotton. It really is my favorite solid. They have a great selection at the Fat Quarter Shop and the price is better than my local JoAnn’s.

I’m so happy this is finally on the frame.

And my binding is made and ready to go.

Look for a finish on Friday!

Have a good one.

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Slow Stitching Sunday ~ Vintage Seven Sisters

I’ve been slowly working on hand quilting this vintage top and I finally feel like I’m making progress. I’ve done one row of these large fans all the way around the outside edge.

You may be able to see the quilting better on the back.

And yes, I am starting on the edge and working toward the center. I’ve found that this works out just fine when I’ve basted well on the long arm first. This also allows me to mark the fans as I go instead of doing all of that before I start. And I can also get it bound at this point which makes the rest of the quilting a bit less messy.

According to my calculations, I have 65% of the quilting done!

Have a great day!

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