Happy Easter!

This photo speaks so much to me about the power of Easter and all that it means.

Thank you, Jesus, for all you have endured for me.

Happy Easter from Iceland!

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Tonight, Mr. Wonderful and I start our journey homeward. It has been such an amazing trip! I’ll post a few pics here and I will share more later.

This is the camper van we rented. Our transportation and accommodation all in one!

Mr. Wonderful was trying to decipher items in the grocery store.

More to come. Have a great day!

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A Little Fun

Since my trial run 9 patch worked well, I moved ahead on this little project.

Can you see where I’m headed with this? Have a good one!

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Mug Rug Finish

I finished my mug rug!

It’s just the right size for a cup of coffee or tea and a cookie.

I kept the quilting simple.

Now, I am hungry for cookies! Have a great day!

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How small can I go?

I found something I wanted to make, but I would need to end up with half inch finished squares. Soo decided to try a sample using some scraps of this.

It is a fusible patterned grid.

I cut these squares just under one inch and fused them onto the grid.

This is how it looks from the back.

Then fold on the grid lines and stitch.

After stitching, slice the fold off.

And press seams open.

Here is the back after sewing the cross seams and pressing and trimming.

Pretty accurate!

Looks like this will work.

Stay tuned for a future small project. Have a great day!

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This is from the last batch of QOVs I quilted for the Stitching Sisters QOV group. This top was made by Nadine.

Have a great day!

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Another Vintage Quilt

Daughter #3 recently sent a text from an estate sale and asked if I was interested in a quilt for $2. Um, yeah! It had a certain folk art charm that I couldn’t resist.

My first thought was to take it apart and remake it as I’m not a fan of tied quilts.

You can see above the great disparity of black communities sizes! I like Vedder this cowboy fabric in the border.

How about that massive self binding?

I love the backing fabric.

I think I am going to enjoy this one as is. It adds a great pop of color to me sewing room.

Have a great day!

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