16 Patch Questions

PSA: I just read my email from Missouri Star and this very same jelly roll is the Daily Deal for today! This is only good for August 30th, 2016. 

I had a couple questions about my 16 patch blocks that I posted. I will try to answer them here. First, the blocks finish at 8 inches (8 1/2 inches unfinished). My jelly roll only had 40 strips, so I cut another couple strips from stash. I will set my blocks 6 by 7 so it will be 48 by 56 inches before borders. Quilts of Valor must be at least 55 by 65 inches, and I prefer to make them bigger than that. 

When I made my blocks, I paired up a light strip and a dark strip and stitched them together. 

Then I cut these strip sets in half and stitched the two halves together lengthwise. This gave me a strip set approximately 21 inches long with four strips, light dark, light dark. I sub cut this into 2 1/2 inch strips . 

I got enough of these strips to make two blocks from each combination. I hope this makes sense. My blocks are all done and I have nothing left over here to give a better demonstration with. I promise it is easier than it sounds! If there is interest, I can make up a tutorial when I get home. I am happy to say that I did get my blocks sewn together last night. 

I hope that answers all the questions! Thank you for taking the time to comment. I have been too busy with these handsome little guys to answer. 

Have a great day!

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August/September Goals

Time to look back at my goals for the last month and make some plans for this month!

1. I want to get that darn EPP mini done! I’m sick of it! Done!

2. I want to finish the Twist blocks and get that top done. Done! And the quilting is even done! Time to bind!

3.  I want to finish the Mystery Quilt 4 Military that Alycia has hosted over on the Yahoo Group.  Done!img_1352

And delivered! To my cousin, Dan, who served in the Marines during Vietnam.

4. Finish the next round of my Gwenny inspired Medallion quilt. It would be embarrassing to have chosen the theme and not have my part done! Done! But all I can give is a sneak peek. Come back on September 1st for the reveal! img_1365

5.  I have a denim jacket that I purchased and I want to machine embroider it. The biggest thing keeping me from this project is fear. Plain and simple. That darn embroidery machine scares me still! Not done!

6. Quilt any QOVs that come in. Done! I got 7 quilted this month. I will share these over the next two Fridays.

What else did I get done this month?

I made Grant & Lee. Sounds impressive, but the 9 patches have been done for two years, so this was a fairly quick finish.


I quilted this lap quilt for a friend.


I made these two minis.


And this journal cover.




And on to September! Such a lovely month….I want to:

  1. Finish the last round of the Gwennie Inspired medallion QAL.
  2. I want to get working on this UFO: IMG_1723
  3. I want to start piecing this quilt:img_7381
  4. Finish my swap blocks. img_1618
  5. Finish my 16 patch top. img_1611
  6. Bind the Twist quilt.
  7. Finish the applique on the vintage daisy blocks.

That’s probably enough, since I also have two trips!

Have a great day!

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DWMonday ~ 16 patch Quilt of Valor

Missouri Star Quilt Company e-mails are dangerous. They have daily deals that are tempting! But handy. I ordered this jelly roll recently and it arrived the day before I went to the QOV sew day.


I like these Robert Kauffman rolls, they don’t have the pinked edges! I needed something to work on at the sew day and this arrived just in time. As soon as it arrived, I knew it would make a perfect 16 patch quilt for a QOV. Honestly, I didn’t get much done that day, I was too busy talking, I guess! I did pair up my strips and got a few sewn.

This is one of the blocks.

I will alternate dark red and dark blue blocks like this.

I love 16 patch quilts. They are fun and easy. I brought these along to work on while dog sitting as well. I got the blocks done and have had lots of help laying them out!

Time to go walk some doggies and snuggle some babies.

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Slow Stitching Sunday ~ More Daisies

Thank you all for the suggestions regarding needles and thread for this project. I ended up using pearl cotton in size 8 and a chenille needle (can’t remember the size).

I am loving these! And I am  really and truly enjoying the handwork here.

I never thought I would say that about applique!

I’m working on getting my stitches more even, but I am certainly not stressing out about it.

It is going so much faster than I expected. I might actually get these done this month! So far, I have 10 of 20 complete!

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A Custom Quilted QOV

Here is a recent QOV top that I quilted. This beautiful top was made by Val. I love this pattern! I made a quilt all in Denyse Schmidt prints a few years ago like this and am planning to do another soon.  So it was fun to quilt this one.

 Here is a look at the back.

And these are the rulers I used. They are available from Linda at The Quilted Pineapple.

I was asked by someone how I quilted this without a gazillion starts and stops. Good question! This is something I am still learning. I will try to show you how I did that on this top.

First, I quilted from left to right following  the path of the green arrows as shown above. I came back from right to left following the red arrows. I quilted half of the arcs in the hexagons, then did the little red continuous curve bit at the bottom of the white triangle to get to the next point of the hexagon. Then I did the last three arcs forming a star in each hexagon as I went. Then I did the little red curve at the top of the next triangle to get to the next hexagon.

I hope this makes sense! It takes me quite a while still to find a good continuous path for quilting like this. It sure helps when I find it!

Have a great day!

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Finish It Up Friday ~ Little Flags!

I am in Arizona, but as they say on all the cooking shows, here’s a little something I prepared earlier!

This little quilt is my take on the Temecula Calendar quilt for this past  July. You know I can never follow a pattern exactly!

And remember that little teaser picture I showed you a few weeks ago?

That was the little quilt I made with the smaller flag block I paper pieced.

Even with the messed up stripes, I love this one!

Sometimes, you just gotta make a mini!

As always, when I am out here, responding to comments is sporadic at best. But I always read and appreciate every one! Also, I try to answer all questions, though it may  not be in a timely fashion.  I do have other “prepared earlier” posts for you while I am gone.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Trip Sewing

Once again, I am heading to Arizona! Yay! It is starting to feel like going home now. I love it! This time, I will be doing a bit of dog sitting for Daughter #2. As she is deployed, she has someone to house sit and dog sit, but the sitter has to be away and so I am taking over for a bit. I have a sewing machine at Daughter #2’s house, so I am taking a bit of sewing with me. First of all, I plan to get my swap blocks done for the Broken Dishes swap being hosted by Barb at Fun with Barb. Here is my test block to make sure they all come out the right size!

And here are my cut pieces. I will have to put them in another container. I’m not taking that enamelware on the plane!

I will be making forty blocks from each red/muslin combination. 

I plan to take my vintage daisy blocks for my hand work for the plane.

I’m really pleased with how they are coming along!

I have blog  posts scheduled ahead, but as always, family comes first on these trips! So I though I love and read every comment, I will not be able to respond often. I appreciate your understanding in this.

It will be wonderful to spend time with my son and his family. I can’t wait to snuggle my two little boys out there! They are growing so fast.

Take care!

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