Blogger’s Quilt Festival! ~ Voting is open!

Wow! My QR Code quilt was nominated for Viewer’s Choice in the  Blogger’s Quilt Fest! Thank you to whoever nominated my quilt! I’m so excited! The other nominees are just wonderful. IMG_9576

If you would like to vote for Viewer’s Choice, you can do that here by clicking on the little heart in the corner of the thumbnail photo.

Voting is open in the categories as well. You can vote for Original Design here (my QR Code quilt is entered there) and for Scrappy Quilts here. My Scrappy Rectangle quilt is entered in the Scrappy Quilts category.img_6371

You don’t have to vote for my quilts. But the eye candy over there is worth a look for sure! I have discovered many wonderful blogs through the BQF, I am sure you will too.

Have a great day!

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Thankful Thursday

I want to say thank you to everyone for all of your kind words, your thoughts, and mostly your prayers both for my daughter and for my upcoming temporary move! I am deeply  touched by your comments.

I was also mighty impressed with all the great ideas you sent my way!

Many of you felt the hand quilting was a good idea. It is very relaxing and I haven’t done this in ages. In fact, I thought about taking it because I would probably NEVER get around to it if I don’t do it now! This is the top I am referring to:

blog 030

It measures 72 inches square. The fabrics are in amazing condition and it is entirely hand pieced! I ‘m pretty sure I am going to take this one. I will take the backing as well, but probably  purchase batting when I get there.

Kathy had a really great idea! She said, get some boxes of projects ready that hubby can ship to me if need be! That made me grab a large flat rate box to see how many layer cakes I could fit in one! In case you are wondering, the answer is 10. And no, that is not ALL of my layer cakes!

Luann reminded me to take a sketchbook. YES! I can practice free motion quilting designs even if I cannot use my long arm!

Several of you said, pack that 301! I believe I will! Kathi said  to just pack the machine and not take the case. Good thinking!

Many of you suggested taking everything I would take for a retreat. The problem is, I’ve never gone on a quilting retreat! I guess I am about to! Several  said to take more than I think I will need.  8machines said to take 6-8 projects.  Jayne said to take 37!  I like how she thinks!  I will make it my goal to plan 37 things!

And yes, I will still blog when I am out there! I will be spending lots of time with my two adorable grandsons and those sweet grand dogs, but I will also be, gulp, unemployed! So I expect I will have time!

Quiltmouse said to pack a variety of projects. Again, very good advice! I was originally pulling just Civil War type stuff, but I DO get bored and need some modern stuff and QOV stuff in the mix as well. She also mentioned little projects as well as big ones.

I came across this box of strips while rummaging through my cupboards. These are 2 inch strips all cut from Denyse Schmidt prints. I think this is a modern project I will definitely take!img_2443

Along those lines, Sandi mentioned bringing some knitting. I don’t do as much knitting as I used to, but I love making dishcloths and mittens. I might get strange looks if I knit mittens in AZ, but dish cloths are a great idea. And all I have to pack is one set of circular needles!IMG_2050

Sharon mentioned shipping things home as I finish them. That will definitely help in the end! Hubby will be visiting me, so I can make it a goal to get some things done and ready to send home with him at Christmas.

I was going to take my Fons and Porter design wall, but have decided to just pick up a flannel backed table cloth at the dollar store when I get there. I’ve used one before and I don’t have to bring it home later.

I am taking these scrappy rectangles for my leader/ender project. I actually have a lot more cut since I took this picture. I enjoyed making the last one so much with the modern prints, I am more than ready to do this again!img_2112

I think I have listed 6 projects between today and yesterday, only 31 more to choose! I do appreciate all of the great suggestions I have received. I am so very thankful for the wonderful people I have met through my blog.

Have a great day!


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WIP Wednesday ~ Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!

Life is often surprising and changes can occur in a moment. I have been reminded of this once again. As many of you know, Daughter #2 is currently deployed to an undisclosed location. She found out last weekend that her house/dog sitter will soon be moving out. Not a lot she can do about this from the other side of the globe! So, I am moving to Arizona  to take over until she returns. I have about three weeks to wrap things up here at home  and expect to be out there 3-4 months. 

I am trying to figure out what sewing projects I will work on while I am gone. I already have a few things cut out that I  can take with me. Like this tumbler project:img_1337

And my log cabin project:img_7382

Maybe I should take those darn sawtooth stars and finally get them together!/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/003/5689332/files/2015/01/img_1711.jpg

I have a Featherweight sewing machine already at her house. But I would really like to use one  of my Singer 301s. I’m trying to decide if it is worth it to ship one out there. Obviously, I won’t  have access to my long arm, so I will mostly be piecing, but if I had a 301, I could do some quilting as well. I have a small cutting mat there already that I gave to Daughter #2 to use. And if I need a really big one, I think I know someone that would let me come over and borrow hers! (I’m looking at you, Zenia!)

I am actually considering taking a vintage top and hand quilting it. Is that crazy?

Help me out here. If you were moving away for 3-4 months, how many projects would you take and what tools would you feel were essential to take with you?

I predict the next few weeks will be a bit crazy as I prepare for this adventure. So responding to comments may be a bit sporadic and posting may be as well.

Have a great day!

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Machine Quilting ~ Lemoyne Stars

I got this small quilt loaded into the frame before we left town for the weekend. I got the quilting started and need to get back and finish it now. I used a tutorial from Kathy at Tamarack Shack to figure out the border design.

I’m using freehand continuous curves in the star blocks.

And a simple curved design in the sashing. I’m using templates from The Quilted Pineapple. I toyed with the idea of using an extra layer of batting, but decided I wanted it to have more of an old fashioned feel with these 30s reproduction fabrics. I better get moving if I want to get this finished up today!

Have a good one!

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DWM ~ Gee’s Geese

I finished making all the geese for my Gee’s Geese quilt last week.

I had to take them all off the big design wall so I could make room to work on my  Gwennie Inspired   Medallion quilt. So I started sewing groups of like geese together and throwing them up on the small design wall.

I’m running out of room! I can say that I am loving this so far! I can’t wait to get back to work on this. But I better get back to work on the medallion instead. The big reveal is coming up on October 3rd. 

Have a great day!

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MSQC Birthday Bash!

Today I’m heading home after a wonderful weekend visiting Mr. Wonderful’s parents in Missouri. We did take a side trip to Hamilton. It just so happened that last week was the 8th birthday of the Missouri Star Quilt Company! I even got my picture with the duck!

And who is that behind me?

Why yes, it was Jenny Doan herself! And while I was totally star struck, hubby asked her for a photo. And she graciously agreed. I was rendered pretty much speechless. He talked to her more than I did! 

They had stars on the sidewalk highlighting sew-lebrities. 

At one point, while walking through town, hubby asks, quite loudly, “Isn’t your star down by the Penney’s store?” Such a kidder!  

Mr. Wonderful definitely got into the spirit of things! I think he had as much fun as I did. 

Many husbands took advantage of the man cave and park benches. Not my guy! He can shop the fat quarters like none other! See?

Yeah, they had 88 cent fat quarters the day we were there! I also got a new mug.

And a birthday bash t-shirt.

And some charm packs for good measure. 

It was such a fun day! Gotta love a guy that plans something like this! I think I’ll keep him. 

Have a great day!

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Singer Tins

I fell in love with vintage Singer sewing machines long ago. Once you get interested in something, you begin to collect all things pertaining to it! Here is a subset  of my Singer Sewing collection, my tins. I don’t remember where I got most (any?) of these or if any of them are available anywhere. But they are fun and I thought I would share them with you today.

The wheels really turn on this one and the top opens for storage.

There is also a little secret compartment in the front!

This repro oil tin was made for Singer’s 150th anniversary.

It looks like an oil can from the top, but the whole thing lifts off for storage.

I have Singer 101, so I had to have this tin with one on the lid!

Here are pictures of the side graphics.

I have a couple tan 301s and black 15s just like those pictured on the lid of this tin!

The next one most likely held attachments originally. It was empty when I bought it.

The last two seem to be pretty common. I purchased mine from Joann’s or some place like that a long time ago.

Mine are not pristine because I have used them a lot over the years!

Have a great day!


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