Half Rectangle Blocks

I cut these pieces out last fall using my Accuquilt GO! half rectangle die.

I decided to finally do something with them. I love how well these pieces line up!

Here are half the blocks. I was able to cut 12 each from a Fat Eighth bundle .

This isn’t necessarily the final arrangement. I’m going to have fun playing once I finish sewing all the half rectangle pieces. Time to sew!

Have a great day!

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Slow Stitching Sunday

I finished piecing these larger hexies together.

I glue basted the hexies, so when it was time to remove them, I placed a damp towel on top.

I let it sit for an hour and they all came out easily.

Then I pressed the whole thing, keeping the seam allowances turned under.

Time for the black felt!

Stay tuned….

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A New Way to Store the Stash

I love having a pretty stash! I think this is my neatest drawer right now though.

The problem is, when all my fabrics are neatly folded, I don’t use them. It is a pain to pull out 25 different fabrics, unfold them, cut pieces, fold them back up and restore them. I’m a bit of a slow learner, but I recently came to the conclusion that I need to store my fabrics how I use them. See this stack?

It is ten layers of shirting fabrics. Why ten? Because I can run ten layers through my die cutter in one pass. I’m a scrap quilter, the more fabrics in a quilt, the better I like it. I pretty much never use a single background fabric. I like to cut a variety of prints all at one time. My stacks end up looking like this.

Then I lay my stacks in the basket/drawer. As you can see, I’ve got more work to do in this one.

Is it pretty? Not really. But I have eliminated hours of folding, pressing, and refolding. And even more importantly, I’m using my stash. I have a lot of work to do as I’d like to go through and stack most of my fabric (everything in pieces one yard or less) this way. but this will have to wait until I get back to Michigan. That’s where my die cutter lives.

Have a great day!

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Finish It Up ~ Hour Glass

Well, this was a quick finish! I enjoyed making it and might make another at some point. And yes, I actually finished it back in Michigan. I did a lot of sewing there and scheduled some posts ahead of time.

I used my small Baptist Fan pattern boards to quilt this on the long arm. I wanted the fans to switch direction somewhere near the middle. It’s an unpredictable plan and a bit tricky to boot.

I love this binding fabric.

My photos are a bit out of order here. Anyway, I mentioned the trickiness of switching the pattern direction in the quilting. You can see I didn’t get things quite lined up here.

I’m okay with that, I’m not as okay with the front. Ugh. I quilted one line twice and it showed up dreadfully. This nearly ruined it for me.

But after washing and hanging, I decided I can live with it and learn my lessons moving forward.

Lastly, I would like to thank Lynn (click on her name to read her wonderful blog) for giving me permission to recreate her antique quilt.

Have a great day!

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Throwback Thursday

This oldie dates back to 1997. I was inspired by a quilt made by Gwen Marston.

That printed plaid I used sure was printed crooked! Here is the back.

I get points for having a label, but I only did that because I sent it in for photography when it was featured in QUILT magazine. Quilted with Baptist Fans on my 1955 Singer 201.

The fabrics on the back were vintage. I love this bit with game pieces on it.

I’m pretty sure all the fabrics came for JoAnn’s.

Have a great day!

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Die Cutters Part 4 ~ Favorite Dies

It’s clear that I have amassed quite a collection of dies. Some get used more than others. I’m always asked which dies are the most useful. Today I’ll attempt to answer that. Please note that while I’ll be sharing my Accuquilt studio dies, there are dies in these sizes and shapes available for all Accuquilt die cutters.

At the top of my list of favorite dies, you will find HSTs. I have many sizes, but these are the ones I find I use the most.

The dies nip off the dog ears making these so easy to line up. They are so accurate, that I NEVER have to trim.

Next up on my list would be these strip dies. Click here to see how I can use this for strip piecing 9 patches. They are so versatile. Since I cut my bindings 2.5 inches wide, that die is likely the most used.

These dies are multiples, meaning you can cut more than one stack of strips in each pass. This die cuts five at a time. At ten layers thick, assuming your yardage was folded as it comes off the bolt, you can cut 25 strips in a single pass!

I love my square dies. I have many, but use these the most. If I’m cutting scraps, I cut them into these sizes.

These QSTs are awesome. Again, I never trim these. They are used in flying geese, hour glass blocks, Ohio Stars etc.

This is what they look like. See those blunted corners for lining things up? Genius. This die is also a multiple.

If you’ve hung around any length of time, you know I love my rectangles.

Most of my dies are older (studio dies last pretty much forever). These days , they make the dies with two toned foam. A really nice upgrade, in my opinion.

Accuquilt has handouts like this available on their site to download. They show which dies you can use to make different blocks. The sky is really the limit. You can also purchase die bundles that include all the most commonly used dies for a certain size block, for example 12, 10, 8, 6 etc.

When choosing dies, you really have to think about what sizes you would use most. Feel free to leave questions in the comments. I can do a follow up post to answer those.

Have a great day!

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Die Cutters Part 3

This is my third post regarding die cutters. I’m not going to lie, die cutters are not inexpensive. I looked long and hard before I purchased my Accuquilt Studio Cutter. In the end, it is right up there with my long arm as far as favorite quilting tools. I’m seriously considering a second one for my AZ sewing room.

It is so easy to use. The accuracy is one of the best parts. I love using this to tame my scraps into pieces I will actually use.

I mentioned in a previous post, that a die cutter requires mats. They come in different sizes and I store mine under the cutter itself.

I store most of my Accuquilt dies in this shelf unit from Ikea.

The biggest ones get stored under my cutting table.

You do not need this many dies, I’ve been doing this for eight years so I’ve collected quite a few. Perhaps my next post in this series will be about my most used dies.

You can click here for all the latest deals from Accuquilt .

Have a great day!

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A Little Something New

I wanted to start something new, so I turned to Pinterest and revisited the many things I’ve pinned. I found a lovely little antique doll quilt and decided to reproduce it. Here are my pieces.

I cut them using these dies from Accuquilt .

Can you guess where I’m headed here?

I love my die cutter! I wish I could buy a duplicate set for my Arizona sewing room. Perhaps someday!

Stay tuned.

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Slow Stitching ~ Sorting Hexies

I realized my change of plans on this project required a few more Hexies. I swear they are like sourdough!

I use this little die cutter from Fiskars to cut my index cards.

I found some Hexies in the stash that were too big. I cut them down rather than cut more.

Remember I said these Hexies felt too chunky for my doll quilt?

I found more of the smaller paper Hexies in my stash and more fabric Hexies to go with. Now that is kitted up.

I also found these. Good grief! If I have leftovers from the projects above, I will cut them down with this template.

I was feeling quite smug about my progress. And then I found this. 🤦🏻‍♀️

It’s kind of like the song that never ends….

Have a great day!

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This and That

It’s hard to believe that in just a few hours, you can go from this….

….to this…..

But it’s true!

As I’ve reflected on our time in Michigan, I realize I didn’t take enough photos. This is one of my favorites though. He loved playing Santa.

We got to visit with Daughter #3 and SIL in the driveway.

This guy learned to use the doggie door while staying with Daughter #2.

E3 made us smile every day! He sure loves his Papa.

E1 is so grown up. He almost reaches my shoulder!

Daughter #2 took great care of Winslow and Willy. They enjoyed staying with her two pups.

We have quite a few visitors heading our way in the next few months. Everyone needs a bit of AZ sunshine! It’s good to be home.

Have a great day!

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