Can I Do It?

Can I finish this before we go?

The piecing went along really well. Now it’s on the frame. This is the panto I’m using. It’s from Urban Elementz .

Looks good, but I have so much to do that I have to steal a few minutes here and there to quilt.

Wish me luck! Have a great day!

This post contains affiliate links.

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Yay! It’s that time again!

What time you ask? Time for Urban Elementz 25% Off Everything Sale! I woke up to this email in my inbox and had to share.

Urban Elementz is my go to place to shop for pantographs. But that isn’t all they have. They also carry fabric, kits, supplies, and those gorgeous Dream Big panels!

I seriously wait for this sale. In full disclosure, I am an affiliate, so I make a few pennies if you click through my links and then purchase. This money helps to support my blog. However, I never agree to represent companies that I am not already using and happy with. The customer service from Urban Elementz is top notch.

I’m off to check my wish list. Have a great day!

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Dream Big

I would really like to quilt this panel to take to AZ.

When I pulled it out, I noticed this black mark. Ugh!

I didn’t want to quilt it and then find out this wouldn’t wash out. I tried a bit of Dawn dish soap on it.

It did the trick! I remember last time, I had a hard time following the outlines of the petals. This time, I decided to Mark with the controversial blue pen first.

I’m still struggling to find the edges in the middle.

If you are interested, here is a link to a pastel rainbow version of this that I completed a while back.

Have a great day!

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Quilty Math

Don’t say yuck! Math is fun! A puzzle! A game!

Anyway, when I posted these blocks last week, I was asked how I figured out how much of the background yellow I needed for this quilt. I decided to try to explain that in a post.

First of all, my “blocks” will finish at 3 by 9 inches. There is a 3 inch square and a 3 by 6 inch print rectangle (finished sizes) for each.

I wanted my quilt to be approximately 60 by 72 inches. I find that to be a good nap quilt size. My blocks are 9 inches wide. So 60 divided by 9 is 6.667. I round up to 7 blocks wide which is 63 inches. A little big, but close enough.

Now I want my quilt to be 72 inches long and my blocks are 3 inches long. 72 divided by 3 is a perfect 24.

Now I know my block layout will be 7 by 24. Each “block” has one print rectangle and one yellow background square, so I need 7 times 24 or 168 of each.

Still with me?

Good. Now I’m going to start discussing in cut sizes. I can get 12 3 1/2 inch squares from one 3 1/2 inch strip of fabric cut selvedge to selvedge.

168 divided by 12 is 14, so I know I need 14 strips that I will subcut into 3 1/2 inch squares.

14 times 3 1/2 inch wide strips is 49 inches, which translates to 1.36 yards. I’d buy 1 1/2 yards to be safe.

These directions are for determining yardage using a rotary cutter and ruler. I would calculate a bit differently if I were using my die cutter, but that’s info for another post.

I’m a bit of a math geek and I can do these calculations mostly in my head. I realize not everyone can. It’s a puzzle to me and I enjoy it. I’m weird that way!

I hope this helps. It’s easier to do than to explain. I sure hope this makes sense. Have a great day!

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Slow Stitching Sunday

Thanks to everyone for all of your comments and well wishes! We are counting down the days until we leave! I’ve been utterly swamped with emails, phone calls, packing, and spending time with the grands here before we go. I apologize for not responding to comments lately, when I finally sit down to do that, I find myself falling asleep on the couch!

Anyway, since I finished my GFG, I decided I would go back to these for handwork.

I had my pieces laid out in diagonal rows and then I placed them in piles with a pin at the top.

This next photo shows the pile above laid out where they are to go. I hope this helps you to understand my organization system. The top piece goes in the top row.

I will piece diagonal rows and then add them to the whole. I think I can get this top pieced on the way to Arizona. I’ll have to add the pieces that will go around the edges after I get there. I didn’t think to cut them out before I packed the template I need!

Have a great day!

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I hinted earlier this week that I had some news to share. It’s the reason I’ve been prepping sewing machines, kitting up projects, cleaning out, and not doing a good job of replying to comments. Did you guess?

I’m heading back to Arizona! Not just for a week or two, for most of the winter! Mr. Wonderful and I will be driving out soon with the puppy dogs and a trailer in tow. We are officially becoming snowbirds. The biggest reason for going is not to avoid the snow (though I certainly won’t miss it!), but rather to spend more time with our kids out there. I can’t wait to see these two!

We will come back to Michigan for Christmas, but then fly back in January. Daughter #2 has been invaluable in helping us and God has greatly blessed us in finding a beautiful second home out there.

This is a dream come true for me. I will miss Friday, my long arm, but I’m looking forward to setting up a new sewing room and getting lots of piecing done. Posting may get a bit sporadic over the next few weeks or so, but never fear, all is good in our new neighborhood! Back to packing.

Have a great day!

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Finish It Up Friday ~ GFG

My Grandmother’s Flower Garden is done! I bought the vintage flower blocks many years ago and began piecing them together. There was a period of at least ten years when they never saw the light of day.

But this year I decided it would get done. I started hand quilting this August 11th of this year and have just now finished.

I had a hard time talking myself into quilting it like this because I knew it would take forever. It sure felt like it!

But I’m so glad I went for it! I used unbleached muslin on the back.

The binding is from a feedsack that had been dyed yellow.

It’s too small for this bed, but I love layering quilts.

Ah! That texture!

Thanks for cheering me on during this journeyIm so pleased with this quilt! Have a great day!

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Another Isadore Update!

Yes, I’m still researching…..sounds better than chasing rabbits! Anyway, I just found further info on Isadore Levy.

I’m excited to find the name of the probable owner/seamstress, Isadore’s wife. Her name was Marie-Joseph Renie.

So, do I change the name of my dear FW? I think I’ll call her Izzy. She is well used and a practical gal.

Have a great day and look out for rabbit holes!

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More on Isadore

This story gets curiouser and curiouser! Such a mysterious rabbit hole I have gone down!

First, I loved hearing about your Singer Featherweights! Such great little machines. I actually have several. Anyway, if you recall, this sticker was on the case.

I did a little digging and I found this photo online of the SS de Grasse!

And this info:

SS De Grasse was an ocean liner built in 1920–1924 by Cammell Laird, Birkenhead, United Kingdom for the Compagnie Generale Transatlantique, and launched in February 1924. In 1953, she was sold to Canadian Pacific.

How cool is that?

The sticker notes that Isadore was traveling to Maison Laffite, not far from where we lived in Chatou, France and not far from the flea market where I purchased it.

This is the serial number on the machine.

According to Singer records, she was made on or around May14, 1941.

Ready for some strange findings?

I thought Isadore was a woman’s name. It is not. I found this info online.

He was American, but married a French woman. Could it be the same Isadore Levy? So much to wonder about. Here is a screen shot of some of his paintings.


Have a great day!


According to this, the probable owner/seamstress was Isadore’s wife, Marie-Joseph Renie.

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Another UFO

Remember these?

I’ve struggled to figure out what fabric to put with these that would work. I wanted a solid, but couldn’t find anything I was happy with. Then I found a yellow tone on tone print that reads as a solid from a distance.

Yep! That will do! I used these dies to cut out the rectangles and squares.

And I had to sew a few to see how it looked.

The sewn pieces shown above will finish at 3 by 9 inches.

It’s bright! Have a great day!

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