DWMonday ~ Blueberry Park

I decided to cut out one more project before I go. I had already packed a layer cake of Blueberry Park by Karen Lewis, but I pulled it out to cut it up with my die cutter. This is what the fabric looks like:

Here is the info from the label.

I used this die.

I cut four half rectangles from each layer.

And I had some decent sized scraps left over. I’m leaving these home!

Look at all that yumminess stacked up!

I also cut an equal number of half rectangles from white. I placed them back on the layer cake cardboard and slid them into a gallon size zipper bag.

They should stay wrinkle free this way. 

Have a great day!

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Packing, packing, packing….

I haven’t finished unpacking and I’m already back to packing again!  I have lots of project bags like this:

And a suitcase like this:

And still I’m not ready. Back to it!

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Finishing Up a Lovely Week!

I’ve spent this week with Daughter #1, Big E, and Little E visiting my family in Wisconsin. I have no sewing finishes, but we had a wonderful week.

Have a great weekend!

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TBT ~ More Hexie Quilts!

As promised, today I am taking a look back at some of my bigger hexie quilts. The first one shown here was made for a dear friend. All the fabrics are from Denyse Schmidt’s lines.


My version of Brinton Hall is a fairly recent finish. This was my first go at English Paper Piecing.


This next one is my very oldest hexie quilt! I remember making a template out of a plastic coffee can lid! It is hand pieced and hand quilted. It actually appeared in a magazine in the mid 1990s.  You can tell my scrap stash was pretty weak at the time!

The block in this next quilt is often called a coffin due to the shape. I hand pieced this one and machine quilted it on my domestic machine.

This one is a late 1990s finish. It is hand pieced and hand quilted. It has been hanging behind our piano for years! I still love it!

This bed quilt was finished shortly after we moved to France in 1997. It is also hand pieced and hand quilted. Most of the piecing was done while waiting for my kids at gymnastics.

I have recently cut out yet another hexie quilt. I hope to start piecing that one soon!

Have a great day!

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WIP Tuesday

Before I show you my current projects, I want to apologize for not responding to comments this past week. I’m down to the final week before I head out to AZ and I’m not able to keep up with everything as I would like. Some of my posts are scheduled ahead but I’m likely to days some days posting as well. 

I am trying to keep up with my two QALs and am caught up on the Quilts Madder hosted by Humble Quilts

I’ve also been busily packing for my trip. Here are a few of the projects I am taking.

So much to do and so little time!

Have a great day!

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DWMonday ~ A New Project

I know, I know, I have plenty of projects I should be working on without starting another! But I got an idea when this book showed up at the library.

Specifically, this quilt:

Bonnie Hunter, from Quiltville fame, gives great directions for making this quilt, but I wanted to see if I could adjust the pattern a bit to use my die cutter and dies. Once, I got the idea, I had to see if it would work! I used a small rectangle die, a quarter square triangle die, a small square die and a large square die. I had originally planned to show you the dies I used with exact sizes, but that didn’t seem at all fair to Bonnie. So please do not ask me for specifics! I am not trying to give away her pattern secrets.  Go to your local library and check out the book or buy a copy for yourself. Being a librarian, I did a little of both and bought this for my library!

In her book, Bonnie has a very clever method of cutting the odd shaped bits to size. But I decided to try another way first. I sewed all my bits together  like a 9 patch.

Then I placed my block on top of my larger  square die and ran it through. It worked perfectly to square it all up!

And now I have six! I will set this aside for now as I won’t be taking my scrap bins to Arizona. But I will definitely come back to this at some point.

Have a great day!
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Slow Stitching Sunday ~ Scrappy Hexies Again!

It has been a while since I pulled this project out. It is a good take along project as I visit with family this week.


I should decide how many hexies I want to add yet and get them all cut to take to AZ. I have a few left.


But I have accumulated more cool scraps since these were cut! Such decisions!

Have a great day!

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