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What happened here?

I am not a complete newbie at fabric dyeing. In fact, I have dyed a couple hundred yards and for the most part, have been successful. So what went wrong this week? A while back I needed muslin for some … Continue reading

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Painted Quilt Part 2

I am so thankful to everyone who took the time to look at this and leave such helpful suggestions and comments! I am clearly out of my realm here and I am painfully aware that it shows. But what the … Continue reading

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Not sure about this one…..

Okay I am finally back to work….at least a little. I pulled a piece back out that I worked on in January but wasn’t happy with.  Remember this? Someone suggested that I add a sheer fabric over the top. That … Continue reading

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Corn and Beans

That is the title of this piece. My daughter said I should quilt the yellow parts so they look like corn. Then the title of the old quilt pattern, Corn and Beans came into my head and I haven’t been … Continue reading

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Decision Time

A few days I wrote about a piece I was working on. I had pieced strips that I intended to recut for another ladder quilt but I liked the stripped pieces so much that I didn’t know if I should … Continue reading

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