Finish It Up Friday ~ A Tale of Woe

Maybe that’s a bit dramatic…..perhaps A Cautionary Tale might be better….. Anyway, here goes. I finished this quilt and loved it ( notice, past tense).

I spent a lot of time on the quilting, and while there were some areas I would change, I learned a lot and was pleased with most.

I’ve had this button fabric in my stash and it made a perfect backing, though the quilting doesn’t show at all.

I took the photos above and then I washed it. Ugh. Take a look at this misshapen mess.

I should have known better. I used a Moda crossweave for the alternate blocks. I had forgotten how much this stuff shrinks. The shirting fabrics were obviously prewashed, but the crossweave was not. I also quilted more heavily in the alternate blocks than the shirting blocks.

This lead to uneven shrinkage and lots of distortion. Those seam lines that wave like the sea, were straight before washing. In the photo below you can see how even the edges of the quilt now appear scalloped. And this is one of the better sections, because I quilted this one shirting block more heavily than the rest.

There is no fixing this. Blocking might help a little, but not enough.

I’ve mixed washed and unwashed fabrics many times, but I’ve never had this much disparity in shrinkage.

Thankfully, this quilt had no intended recipient. I won’t forget the lessons learned. And yes, this is a true, first world problem. No tears were shed, I’m moving on.

Have a great day!

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Chimney Sweep UFO

Remember these? I had enough pieces cut for four more blocks, so I decided to finish them up.

This was the layout I was planning on.

But this would work too. I thought I’d hold that thought and look for fabric to go with these.

I had forgotten this. I love it!

I ended up using going back to my first layout and using it for setting triangles.

Now to figure out how to quilt it. Have a great day!

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Machine Quilting

It’s getting closer to a finish! I thought I’d share a bit about how I decided on the quilting for this.

I use a free app called YouDoodle. Mr. Wonderful bought me an Apple Pencil for my birthday that I can use to draw on my iPad, but before that, I just drew with my finger using this app. It allows me to draw on top of photos.

So, I just pulled up a photo of the top and started doodling. I erased the designs I didn’t like and replaced with other ideas as I went. I took many screenshots along the way. Here are just a few.

I liked the ones that had partially hidden motifs the best.

Here we go!

So far, so good! Have a great day!

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Two and Four QAL

Are you still hanging in there? Lots of sewing last week, I know. But this week is easy. Just sew those rows together.

That’s it! Lay out your rows so light and darks alternate. Then sew 10 long seams and you will be all done.

This is really a jumping off point for other ideas. What if you put all the four patches together in the center and the rectangles on the outside?

What about all rectangles?

You could insert a column of flying geese, or strips of solid fabric in between. So many ideas! This would also look great in two or three solid fabrics.

We will have a linky party on October 12 for those of you with blogs. No blog? No problem! Send me a photo of your top and I’ll share them for you here on the 12th.

Thanks for playing along. I can’t wait to see what you have done!

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Forgetful Me…

Have you noticed a trend here? Two posts on Monday, because I never seem to remember everything I want to say in the first post!

I’m working on adding new pages to the blog. You can find links to these pages just below the blog header.

I’ve decided to do this as a permanent place to share my vintage toys. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, but it’s a big job. So I’ve procrastinated. I’m not done yet, but have three pages published. Just click the links above to see them. If you are reading this via email or a blog reader, you may need to come directly to the blog itself to access these.

Also, today is the last day for a fantastic sale at Accuquilt .

And that is not all! You can get a free GO! Me die cutter if you spend over $375. No code needed!

Need any more encouragement? How about free shipping?

Accuquilt cutters and dies are an investment, in my opinion. These deals make them an even better value.

Have a great day!

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Shirting UFO

I started this project last fall. I didn’t have enough blocks to make a throw quilt, so I set this aside.

I thought about setting the blocks like this and adding big pieces of solid fabrics to fill in.

Inspiration hit when I glanced at this little quilt that I made a few months ago.

Oh, yeah! This is an idea I can work with!

I have just enough of this cross weave fabric for alternate blocks too!

Time to get cutting. Have a great day!

PS Register here to join us tomorrow at 1 PM Eastern Time for this exciting Accuquilt Live event! There will be prizes from Riley Blake and Accuquilt.

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Slow Stitching Sunday

When I started the hand quilting on this, I used the leftover pearl cotton I had purchased for the vintage red/green quilt. Of course, I ran out. 🙄 But I managed to get this far first.

Here is the back.

It’s interesting, can’t say I’m in love with the piece, but I enjoy the process. Rather than buy more of this thread, I found that I had some crochet thread in the stash. Hmmmm…..idk about this either, but I’m forging ahead anyway.

Have a great day!

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Kaffe Quilts

I love Kaffe Fassett fabrics! This top was made by my friend, Donna. I quilted it gir her.

I used a light blue thread and she chose Warm and White batting.

Isn’t this backing awesome?

This is the pantograph I used.

Blog reader, Elizabeth, from across the pond, sent me this photo showing what she did with her Kaffe fabric. It is just stunning! I’ve never been big into purple, but goodness, I am gobsmacked by this gorgeous top! I may end up doing something similar with mine.

Have a great day!

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Finish It Up Friday ~ Baby Quilt

On, how I love making baby quilts! Can you see how our Two and Four QAL inspired this design?

This is the pantograph I used to quilt it.

I tried a different binding treatment on this one. I stitched the binding to the back, then do,see to the front and used this decorative stitch on my old Pfaff.

It takes a lot longer than regular top stitching. Here is the back.

Pretty cool, huh? I’ll be honest, I’m showing you the best parts of my stitching. It wasn’t this good and everywhere.

And here is the finish. It ended up 33 1/2 by 421/2 inches.

Have a great day!

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Mini Cake Mints for Fat Quarter Shop

Fat Quarter Shop recently released a free pattern and tutorial for Mini Cake Mints as part of their Short Cut Quilt Series. You can find the video tutorial here.

Their version can be made with one layer cake and four mini charm packs or one regular charm pack cut into quarters.

Because I wanted to make mine bigger and with a more controlled color scheme, I used one layer cake, one charm pack, a yard of blue and a yard of red. I could have used another half yard of the red as I ended up piecing the binding with something else. I did have quite a few leftover charm and layer cake squares. All my fabrics are from Lisa Bongean’s Gathering lines, mostly her newest line, American Gatherings.

Custom quilting takes a lot longer than pantographs, but I love how it looks on this quilt.

The backing came from my stash.

I tried to get a bit more creative with my photo styling.

I really enjoyed making this quilt and the piecing went very quickly. All top fabrics are from Fat Quarter Shop . Have a great day!

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