Good News and Bad News

First the bad, my tracks arrived for the long arm. But they looked like this:

Ummm…. that’s not okay. After more phone calls, I’m hoping the fifth time is the charm and that I will soon have a perfect set of track supports.

I’m so beyond frustrated that I couldn’t even get mad anymore. This whole fiasco has been beyond absurd. The last set of track supports were crushed in shipping and looked like this.

That might not look like a lot of damage, but even a thread on the tracks can cause problems. I sent pictures of the damage and the packaging and they are not picking these up. So I decided last night to put them on the frame anyway. I have 8 usable feet on my 12 foot frame. But The good news is, I was finally able to play a bit!

And I had enough room to load my jelly roll quilt. I hope to get it quilted today.

Wish me luck! Have a great day!

About katyquilts

I am a wife, mom of four amazing adult kids, and a former librarian. I love making everything from traditional quilts to art quilts. I am thankful to God my Father and Creator for the gift of creativity!
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15 Responses to Good News and Bad News

  1. dezertsuz says:

    That is the worst tale of shipping and parts I have ever heard! Are you sure you don’t just want to go get them yourself? The company is losing a ton of money, you’d think they’d escort them out to your house. LOL 8 feet is better than none!

  2. Val W. says:

    Well, isn’t that just ridiculous! They ought to be installing them in person after what you’ve been through. Not good PR for, who, is it, Handi Quilter?

  3. Good heavens! You are handling it better than many people would…

  4. lois92346 says:

    Oh, for Pete’s Sale!! This is CRAZY! You should be compensated for your “pain and suffering”.

  5. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Katy,
    That is how to see the rainbow at the end of huge storms! You playing must have been SO fun after all the waiting, and waiting, and waiting. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Lu says:

    Wishing you luck Katy. I love your creativity by the way.

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  7. anudge says:

    So frustrating. I’d want a special delivery at this point. You are a marvel to get it to work at least partly.

  8. Oh I am frustrated just reading about your saga! 😦 So glad you were able to do a smaller project and I really do like that jelly roll quilt you made. Cutting it into smaller pieces looks good! Did you say you cut the strips into quarters?

  9. Loris Mills says:

    You have been patient enough with all these delays. I’m so glad you at least got the 8 feet to try out. I know it must take some of the joy out of getting your new machine but I really hope you get a new and straight bar soon and go forth with beautiful quilting. I’m eager to see the new features you have to play with. You have made good use of your time while you waited!

  10. Sandi says:

    Good luck! I hope your quilting goes well. I hope this next shipment is perfect. Hugs,

  11. Paula says:

    Wow! I can imagine your frustration. Knowing how much quilting you do, I’m glad you were able to make the bend rails work for a project or 2. Here’s hoping your next set arrives undamaged.

  12. So glad you were able to make lemonade out of your lemons!

  13. Oh, Katy, how incredibly frustrating. At least you are able to do a little work while you wait. I sure hope the next delivery is all okay.

  14. abydolinger says:

    When the going gets tough, the tough get going! You have certainly had a tough time with the install of your new machine! Good luck on making do with the bent tracks until the perfect ones arrive!

  15. Kathy D. says:

    You deserve all the luck in the world, after what you’ve been through. Maybe they can have someone hand deliver the tracks to you!

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