Finish It Up Friday ~ Metropolitan Fair!

I started making the blocks for this quilt two years ago! Its about time the quilt got done. And it is a big one.  Big enough for a generous pillow tuck.

It was so hard to see the feathers in the plain blocks as I was quilting them. Now that the quilt is washed, they do show up a little better.

I like the way the feathers in the red border turned out.img_7007

And here is a look at the back.


I am so glad this one is finally done and off the UFO list!

Or is it?

I am not entirely happy with the piano key quilting in the border. I am toying with going back and adding more quilting there. Have you ever done this with a quilt that has already been bound and washed?

Have a great day!

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About katyquilts

I am a wife, mom of four amazing kids, and a librarian. I have been making traditional quilts for ages but have ventured into art qulting in the last several years. I also love to knit socks and mittens and dye my own fabric. I am thankful to God my Father and Creator for the gift of creativity!
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16 Responses to Finish It Up Friday ~ Metropolitan Fair!

  1. I really like that. great job!

  2. anudge says:


  3. anudge says:

    Such a gorgeous quilt. Was this a leader and ender project? The best person to answer your question about quilting an after washing quilt is Karen H at fibresandfaeries – Karen is the guru of this type of quilting.

  4. Oooh! Your quilting is amazing. I’ve never done feathers, but I’m very, very tempted! Thanks for linking up with TGIFF @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge!

  5. Oh the back of the quilt really shows the beauty of the quilting whilst the front is just beautiful! And I love the headboard …. must keep an eye for something similar!

  6. Heide says:

    What a super finish!

  7. Gorgeous quilt! I really like how you quilted all the HST blocks consistently. (What are those blocks called? They’re not churn dashes, right?) It makes the more organic feathers really stand out.

    I have gone back and added quilting on just one piece, but it looked so much better that I’m going to do it on an old Christmas quilt. My husband prefers less quilting, and I like more, so I can always “finish” a quilt his way, then add more later 🙂

  8. Once again, amazing quilting. Kudos on the finish.

  9. I have been tempted to add quilting to already bound projects but I haven’t succumbed yet. My FMQing skills still leave a lot to be desired.

  10. Sandra B says:

    Katy, this is an amazing finish!! I know you had shown some pictures in previous posts, but somehow I had missed that the blocks were set on point….love it!! The quilting looks great….
    Yes, I have gone back and done more quilting after a quilt was “finished” ….. Only a couple of times, but in both cases, I was glad I had…. I ended up being happier with the finished quilt…

  11. lois92346 says:

    Oh, Katy! It’s spectacular! I simply love it. Excellent job!

  12. Louise says:

    I really like your border fabrics, and those setting triangles really frame the quilt beautifully.
    Great job!

  13. I LOVE this quilt! It is very vintage looking and beautiful! It’s your quilt and if you want to quilt it some more, go for it! I’m only on my fourth one so haven’t run into that problem yet. 🙂 I also really love that old door headboard!

  14. Cécile says:

    This block always makes me think about the Maltese Cross !
    Your quilt beautiful like this Katy !

  15. Jayne says:

    That is a big one! And a relief for you that it’s finally finished! I have never gone back for more quilting, but why couldn’t you?!!

  16. Stunning! And, yes I have gone back and quilted more into a quilt after it was “finished” and washed, but only by hand not machine. I’m sure it will work out just fine. It is perfect on that bed too!

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