Throwback Thursday ~ Baptist Fans

I have always loved quilts quilted with the Baptist fan pattern. My Goose in the Pond quilt that I recently finished has reignited my interest in this design. Today, I thought I would share with you a couple oldies that I hand quilted in this pattern many years ago.

This first one is one of my all time favorite quilts. My kids were quite small when I made this one. I loved these fabrics and couldn’t bear to cut them, so I decided to use wide strips of them in this quilt.
My hand quilting was not stellar! I remember we had a lot of snow the winter I quilted this and when I ran out of thread, I just grabbed another color rather than dragging all the kids out in the snow to get more.
I used plain muslin on the back. I didn’t mark any of these fans, just made the biggest one and then fit the other arcs inside. And I traced each of my kids hands  and quilted them in my quilt along with their names.

 It’s hard to read the names since they are backwards in these pictures, but they are even harder to see from the front! This one appeared in an issue of QUILT magazine back in the late 90s.

This next quilt was made while we lived in France. My oldest daughter wanted to help me. I told her if she quilted two fans, she could sign her name to the back.

She did it!  I used a home made template to mark the fans this time.

Both of these quilts were hand quilted in my husband’s grandma’s quilting frame. I hope you enjoyed looking back at some of my old quilts. So many memories!

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About katyquilts

I am a wife, mom of four amazing adult kids, and a former librarian. I love making everything from traditional quilts to art quilts. I am thankful to God my Father and Creator for the gift of creativity!
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9 Responses to Throwback Thursday ~ Baptist Fans

  1. Linda Dutch says:

    Lovely to see some of your earlier quilts! I really like the first one, it has an ‘everyday’ utility look about it that I find inspiring at the moment!

  2. Judy in MO says:

    Thanks for sharing these lovely quilts as well as the memories. That’s what quilting is all about.

  3. They look great. I have neither the patience nor the eyesight to hand quilt, but I always enjoy seeing it from those who do! Love the idea of the children’s hands. That is precious.

  4. allisonreidnem says:

    Thanks for sharing your old quilts and some of the precious memories they hold. I especially like the star and bowtie block combo and those baptist fans work every time ☺

  5. Janet O. says:

    That was a fun little jaunt down memory lane. How creative to have the kids handprints included!

  6. gayleburton says:

    Great quilts Katy – I love the handprints quilted into the design!

  7. Cécile says:

    The kids hands was a fantastic idea…and the second quilt is very beautiful with your daughter ‘s name close to yours….what precious souvenirs…..

  8. Baptist Fan is also my favourite quilting! Quilting done this way always stops me in my tracks! Your quilts are wonderful…and I love the fact that you don’t mark them! A true artist! The wee hands stitched into the first quilt makes this quilt a family heirloom!! Brilliant! So…does your daughter continue to quilt?

  9. Sandi says:

    I loved seeing your work. I think the Baptize fan is my favorite quilting motif. Hugs,

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