VGS Part 2 ~ Vintage Fabrics

This is a continuation of my previous post listing vintage fabrics for sale. All are cotton unless stated otherwise.

Here is the fine print. I will only sell and ship to addresses within the US. I take payment via PayPal. If you would like an item, send an email to me at sew4given@ and include the item number and your zip code. I will then send a PayPal invoice with shipping costs added. If payment is not made within 24 hours of invoicing, item will be marked available for next buyer.

23. 5 3/4 yards, 36 inches wide, unwashed $25 Sold

24. 3 yards, 38 inches wide. $15

25. 4 yards, 36 inches wide, unwashed $20 Sold

26. 2 1/2 yards, 34 inches wide, slightly heavier than quilting cotton. The antique shop is 8-9 inches tall. $12

27. Just under 2 yards of 30 inch width plus another half yard at about half width. $10 Sold

28. 4 yards, 36 inches wide. $20 Sold

29. 2 yards, 36 inches wide. $10 Sold

30. 4 yards, 36 inches wide. $20 Sold

31. This is such a cool piece! Top photo shows half of the piece. Top and bottom in pic are the selvedge edges. There is a total of 2 1/3 yards and it is 36 inches wide. $15

32. Not exactly vintage, OOP Fig Tree and Co. Mill House Inn. Includes one honey bun (1 1/2 inch wide strips), one charm pack, and one yard of the mail print. $35 Sold

About katyquilts

I am a wife, mom of four amazing adult kids, and a former librarian. I love making everything from traditional quilts to art quilts. I am thankful to God my Father and Creator for the gift of creativity!
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