Back to QOVs!

I picked up a half dozen QOV tops from my Stitching Sisters group last weekend. I’m starting with this beauty from Kathy D.

I love this scrappy top! This is the panto I am using.

It is from Urban Elementz. I buy nearly all of my pantographs from them. They have a great selection and great service. Doesn’t it look great so far?

I hope to get this one done today and the next one loaded.

Have a great day!

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About katyquilts

I am a wife, mom of four amazing kids, and a librarian. I have been making traditional quilts for ages but have ventured into art qulting in the last several years. I also love to knit socks and mittens and dye my own fabric. I am thankful to God my Father and Creator for the gift of creativity!
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8 Responses to Back to QOVs!

  1. Katy, you are amazing for all your work with QOV! You make my heart glad.

  2. Zenia Rene says:

    it is a fabulously scrappy quilt and I do love the Yodel panto.

  3. Sandi says:

    Great quilt! Hugs,

  4. Susan says:

    That is a beauty! And a great choice on the panto too!

  5. lois92346 says:

    Wow! I love it!

  6. Kathy D says:

    Love the panto you chose for this, Katy. I was not a fan as I was putting this quilt together, but I’m liking it more all the time!

  7. Val W says:

    What a great quilting design. It really complements the quilt nicely.

  8. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Katy,
    That sure is a pretty quilt. I love all the low value fabrics – they really do their job well to highlight the reds and blues, yet add a little something, something to the overall effect. Of course, your quilting is spot on and perfect for the design. ~smile~ Roseanne

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