Vintage Quilts Part 2

I saw so many interesting quilts while we were traveling, that I ended up splitting my pictures into 4 posts! I love vintage quilts. I don’t feel a need to buy them all, bug I do enjoy taking pictures for future reference.

I want to make one like this some day! I love, love, love that border!

The next two puctures are the same quilt. Love the madder prints.

This top came close to coming home with me!

Have a great day!

About katyquilts

I am a wife, mom of four amazing kids, and a librarian. I have been making traditional quilts for ages but have ventured into art qulting in the last several years. I also love to knit socks and mittens and dye my own fabric. I am thankful to God my Father and Creator for the gift of creativity!
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12 Responses to Vintage Quilts Part 2

  1. Janet says:

    That second last quilt is so interesting! I had to study it to see how it was quilted. Thanks for this wonderful post!

  2. I agree that the snowballs quilt is a real inspiration. Thanks for sharing these vintage beauties. I love them!

  3. janicekholton says:

    Thanks for all the great eye candy! So fun to see all these vintage designs!

  4. Jan Smith says:

    Oh, I love that border, too! Love seeing old quilts, so inspiring.

  5. anudge says:

    I bought one just like the last one -green bordered one – for $5 in Honolulu, HI. Mine is just a top. Hope to quilt it someday. Thanks for the vintage show.

  6. Linda B says:

    Yes, very inspiring! Love the navy and white one. Jenny at MO Star Quilt Co just had a tutorial (today or yesterday) on this block…called it the Dutchmans Puzzle, and such an easy way to make a flying geese looking block. I think my husband would love that. Have some white on white fabric with anchors, and lots of blues…hummm. Thanks Katy. Love your blog!!

  7. Janet O. says:

    Some wonderful inspiration here. Thanks for posting them, Katy.

  8. Sharon says:

    I love that first quilt especially and the second to the last one has a very unusual pattern and fabric. They are all beautiful quilts.

  9. They are really pretty quilts! You passed up the quilt with the baptist fan quilting?? 🙂 I think I would’ve wanted to come home with all of them!

  10. I love vintage also. I guess it is because I’m vintage. 🙂 The blue and white border is pretty and looks perfect on the quilt. Could probably never find that exact shade of blue but if I ever do, it will be mine.

  11. Cathy says:

    Beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing. Hugs

  12. Lois Stimax says:

    I love them all too! I was at a festival and saw a vintage quilt someone was using as a picnic blanket on the ground and asked to take a picture. It gives so much inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

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