Finish It Up Friday ~ My Valentine

Here is my finished Valentine quilt!

And the back.

I’m happy with the freehand quilting.

In case you were wondering what the black spot is, it’s a shoe.

I gave my Valentine away and had a great time doing it!

I got up early and went to a park. I took my coffee to watch the sunrise. It was beautiful!

I took my quilt with me and hung it in a tree. I attached a note saying that anyone that found it was welcome to take it. I was inspired to do this by Luke Haynes’ affirmation quilts.

You can barely see my quilt from across the lake.

A guy came along and started fishing in front of it.

I enjoyed my park time and left. A few hours later, I had errands to run and decided to drive by and see if it was still there. It was. But just as I pulled into the parking lot, I saw this.

The quality of this photo is really bad. I was in the truck quite far away and zoomed and cropped a lot. Because of that, I’m okay with posting a photo of people I don’t know.

Please don’t leave comments saying I’m a nice person. It was great fun to share in this way, but if I were a really nice person, I wouldn’t have shared my deed with the world!

This was really fun. I hope this family enjoys it. They made my day!

Hope you have a good one too.


About katyquilts

I am a wife, mom of four amazing adult kids, and a former librarian. I love making everything from traditional quilts to art quilts. I am thankful to God my Father and Creator for the gift of creativity!
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12 Responses to Finish It Up Friday ~ My Valentine

  1. Jean says:

    Beautiful quilt, beautiful gift.

  2. Dorothy says:

    Thank you for sharing. Much better than finding one of those hearts or rocks. You re an inspiration, and you know ——

  3. I LOVE THIS! Thank you for sharing and giving others a great way to “pay it forward”! I’m not going to say you’re a nice person, but well, you know…..

  4. quiltipatti says:

    beautiful quilting. looks like fancy icing on a cake. kudos for your act of generosity. patti in florida

  5. C says:

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Oh on the contrary. By sharing your deed, you have inspired others. I cannot wait to do this. What a fabulous idea! You never know when someone can use a quilt made with love. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Lillie says:

    You gave me goose bumps when I read your story! Love the quilt and your giving heart!

  8. I’m glad you happened to drive by and see it being taken (and got it on camera). You made them happy, and they made you happy. A good day 🙂

  9. Sue H says:

    I’d have plucked that pretty “Heart” from the tree too! So pretty and it makes me happy too to think that this nice family will enjoy your art.

  10. Vivian B. says:

    Sharing that photo was a kindness too: in these days of persistent dreary news it is nice to see a sweet picture of a young family spending time together outdoors and them getting a nice surprise gift because of it! They got one gift and we got two (seeing them and seeing the quilt details)! Love the quilting on this one.

  11. Cherie Moore says:

    How FUN you witnessed your quilt being found and taken! Love that the shoe has a heart on it….perfect!

  12. Janny says:

    Beautifull quilt!

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