Finish It Up Friday  ~ Blueberry Park

I’m so excited to share this finish with you! I pieced this top last winter in Arizona from a layer cake of Blueberry Park by Karen Lewis. It is a beautiful line of fabric. I mentioned earlier that I added a bit of a twist to the quilting. This is what it looked like when I shared with you last:

I quilted this using my pattern boards. When I finished, I removed the quilt from the frame, turned it 90 degrees, and reloaded it. Then I quilted it again using the pattern boards to achieve this wonky grid.

I loved every this effect! Granted, it takes a while as I essentially quilted the whole thing twice. But it definitely gave the crisp and funky look I was going for.

Here is the back.

Have a wonderful day!

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I am a wife, mom of four amazing adult kids, and a former librarian. I love making everything from traditional quilts to art quilts. I am thankful to God my Father and Creator for the gift of creativity!
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35 Responses to Finish It Up Friday  ~ Blueberry Park

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  2. Lynn Wesolek says:

    Have this fabric and have done a couple of patterns. Your quilt has inspired me to double quilt AND become more confident with my triangles. You’ve done a lovely job with this collection, be proud.

  3. dezertsuz says:

    That gives amazing texture and looks so cool from a distance, too.

  4. A lovely finish! Thank you for linking to TGIFF!

  5. So beautiful. Such beautiful colors too and what a keepsake.

  6. Ariane says:

    This is a beautiful quilt!! I love the texture the quilting gives it! Gorgeous!!

  7. Sandra B says:

    This one is over the top, Katy!! That extra time spent adding the additional quilting was well worth it…I think the quilt would have been great without the extra quilting, but this ones shows that you went the extra mile to make it really special…And I love the binding and backing for it too. Well done!! Another example of how simple shapes can result in an amazing quilt!

  8. This looks wonderful! St first I thought you had broken up the vertical quilting but the lines angling to the right almost disappear so it looks like the horizontal rows aren’t crossed. You did a lovely job on picking out that curved line as grid.

  9. Heide says:

    Beautiful finish, love the quilting!

  10. janicekholton says:

    Oh this wavy grid looks truly amazing! So what is a pattern board?

  11. lois92346 says:

    Man, oh man, oh man!!! I love it!! Great job, Katy!

  12. Karen S says:

    I absolutely love everything about this quilt–from your choice of fabrics and colors to the design to the quilting decisions you made. Bravo!!

  13. Sarah F says:

    Great job Katy! I love how you quilted this.

  14. Jayne says:

    Gorgeous! That quilting…I love it! brilliant idea!

  15. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Katy – I love, love, LOVE this quilt and especially the quilting. (By the way, you’ve got a small typo: I loved every this effect!) So day I might get brave enough to try this quilting technique. ~smile~

  16. PattiP says:

    Is it washed yet? If not, the crinkling will be super!

  17. Aaahh, I melted on the inside and drooled all over my computer screen when I saw the texture you achieved with your quilting! It’s *wonderful*!!! Great job Katy! 🙂

  18. Totally and completely wonderful — SO well worth the extra time and thread to quilt it the second time in the alternate direction!!!

  19. Donna says:

    YES! It is PERFECTION! I loved the fabric line, and the design layout; but the quilting takes it over the top. Have a wonderful time with your family, and congratulations to the newlyweds.

  20. Paula says:

    Wow! I love the effect of the quilting. I haven’t seen anything like it before. Thanks for sharing.

  21. It is beautiful – love your quilting on it!

  22. Mim says:

    Katy this is beyond stunningly beautiful! This one rates a ten plus!!! Enjoy the weekend festivities!!!

  23. I love the texture the quilting created! It’s just perfect for the quilt! Enjoy your weekend!

  24. Beautiful! And, thanks for sharing how you did it. Good job!

  25. Val W says:

    That quilting looks fabulous! And your color arrangement makes the quilt so modern.

  26. Cocoa Quilts says:

    I want it!!! Love it!! I loved the original waves, but this is just over the top. Beautiful!!!

  27. Sharon says:

    Beautiful job on the quilt all around! I really love what you did!

  28. That is so beautiful! The quilting texture is wonderful! Nicely done. 😊

  29. lswanekamp says:

    I love that line of fabric. I bought a layer cake from MSQC and made a Hunter’s Star with it, but it is not quilted yet.

  30. blackeyedsewsan says:

    Have always loved this quilt-and now more so (& also love layer cakes!) How HOW were you born with a 48 hour day? Mother’s side? Father’s side? 🙂 Susan R

  31. Sarah says:

    Gorgeous. I absolutely love all that quilting. I know it took forever, but SO WORTH IT!

  32. Ramona says:

    Awesome, awesome quilt! Your quilting design really makes it sing. How big are the rectangles you made? OH.. just beautiful.

  33. Karen says:

    Very pretty. I love the quilting design.

  34. Susan Lewis says:

    This is wonderful! I think you should send it to Quiltcon!

  35. Sandi says:

    Beautiful!!! Hugs,

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