Dye Painting Experiments and a Giveaway Challenge!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to dye fabric :). I became obsessed with it last summer and I think I love dyeing about as much as sewing! It finally got warm enough here in Michigan for my first dyeing session of the summer. I tried some new (to me anyway) techniques  and for the most part, loved the results!

“For the most part”…….hmmm…..you know what is coming! But that goes with the Giveaway challenge so I will leave you in suspense for just bit and come back to that.

First, look at this luscious stack of mottled colors that read as solids from a distance:

hdfabric 024

 I also love to dye multicolored pieces though I rarely use them in my own work! I love the element of surprise I guess. So I have decided to see  if any of my readers would be interested in them. Here goes!

1. Yellow/Blue/Green 20″ x 30″ , Kona PFD $16

hdfabric 002



2. 16″ x 21″ Kona 200 Muslin Turq/Blue/Moss Green $8

hdfabric 004

 3. 22″ x 24″  $12

hdfabric 006

4. 24″ x 22″ Multi – this picture is pretty darn close to the actual colors. It is on the dull side. $10

hdfabric 008


5. 19″ x 21″ This  piece I love. It is very much multi colored but I love the way it is muted. It would make an awesome background piece for sure.$8

hdfabric 012


6. 22″ x 23″ If you think  this looks a bit like #4, you would be right! This was the second piece in a layered technique.  They end up looking slightly different even from one side of the fabric to another! Pretty cool, I think. $10

hdfabric 013


7. 21″ x 34″ $12

hdfabric 015


8. 22″ x 23″ This was layered with piece #3 above. The bubbles create a lot of texture. Reminds me of the pics from the Hubble space telescope :). $12

hdfabric 017

9. 32″ x 44″  Brown This piece is not quite a full yard. The colors in the detail shot are the most accurate for this piece. Browns seem to be hard to photograph! $18

hdfabric 025


hdfabric 027


10. 20″ x 34″ Green/Blue $12

hdfabric 028


I have listed them by numbers (the  number for each  is given first and the fabric it refers to is below)  so you can e-mail me here and refer to them by number to see if they are still available. Prices do not include shipping. Since I have no way of knowing how these pieces look on your monitor, I have decided that any piece may be returned for a refund within 7 days. I will refund the total price you paid to me, including shipping though you will be out the cost of shipping the piece back to me. Fair enough?

Also my one disclaimer, I rinse and wash in VERY hot water until everything is colorfast with the detergent/water/machine that I use here at home. However, I cannot guarrantee wash fastness as your soaps/water/etc may vary.  I use Procion fiber reactive dyes from Dharma Trading Company and either KauffmanKona  200 count bleached muslin or Kona PFD (78 count) 100% cotton fabrics. In this lot,  all are the Kona muslin except for pieces # 1 and #10.


Here are three dog pieces. Three “what was I thinking?” pieces. Three won’t you PLEASE use me pieces! I overdyed two and still think they are ugly.  But you may see something in them…..somewhere…….maybe? I will give one piece each to three lucky (unlucky?) people  with the challenge that you send me a photo via e-mail by September 1st with the results. I might even throw in a scrap of something a bit nicer :). You can stamp it. shred it, paint it, dye it, quilt it, make a coin purse out of it, just send me a picture when you are done so I can post it to my blog. These all three measure approx. 16″ x 22″ and are crying out to be made beautiful by someone!

hdfabric 021hdfabric 022hdfabric 023

Okay, just to make this a bit more fun, to get one, leave me a comment sharing one thing you do to foster creativity in your life. I will pick three from the comments to receive one of these doggy….er….lovely bits of hand dyed fabric for the challenge.  Then we will wait to see what you can do with them!

About katyquilts

I am a wife, mom of four amazing adult kids, and a former librarian. I love making everything from traditional quilts to art quilts. I am thankful to God my Father and Creator for the gift of creativity!
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11 Responses to Dye Painting Experiments and a Giveaway Challenge!

  1. I really like your brown fabric–reminds me of chocolate.
    To spur my creativity, I wait and fuss until the deadline is crazy close and then I just do it. I’m also inspired by studying blogs and QA magazine.

  2. Sylvia says:

    this sounds rather boring and mundane but I cleanup –kitchen, bedroom, and workroom. I also rearrange photo files on my laptop. Re-organizing things and putting them in a different order adds life and gives a new perspective.

    those puppy fabrics would be a definite challenge!

  3. janice Paine-Dawes says:

    Hi Katy! OMG these aren’t dogs at all…cats maybe, lol….I can see some wonderful possibilities with one of these.

    When I’m relly out of it and can’t get the slightest spark, I grab magazines from the recyclables. I look at the pictures ONLY to see texture and color. I use a small cut out window in an index card to “see” what I’m looking at. Then when I find something wonderful with fiber possibilities I cut it out and put it in my inspiration book. Then the magazines go back to recycle!


  4. Debi Frank says:

    To spark my creativity I open my fabric closet and just start to play! I usually end up with the closet empty and piles all around me, mixing different color ways and patterns until the right combinations pop right up under my nose.
    All of your fabrics are wonderful…I would love to have one of your sweet little puppy dogs.

  5. Katy,
    When I need inspiration, I look at blogs and websites and online mail discussion groups. Your blog, for example has inspired me to get out my dyes and play with some PFD that has been wainting for me. I really don’t have time, but I need to squeeze it into my schedule somehow, before my dyes expire!

    thank you,

  6. Your dyed fabrics turned out great! I see all kinds of landscapes in them.
    I am currently experiencing a creative funk. I usually get out of it quickly but for some reason I am blocked. I usually try another medium and that gets the ball rolling.

  7. I spark my creativity by going to the lakefront here in Milwaukee. There are a number of parks on Lake Michigan, and I can just sit and stare out onto my own personal ocean. The sky, the water and the open spaces calm my mind, and get it whirring all at once.
    BTW–your “dogs” are kinda interesting. Not so pretty, but they have potential….

  8. Goodness Katy, these aren’t so bad! It would be fun to use these. I hope I get one!
    What I do to bolster creativity is sit down, in a quiet corner with some special tea, look at a few QA magazines and I am off and running again, I also work on more than one project at a time. I find that, too, keeps things percolating.

  9. Karen Fridy says:

    Gosh! It just goes to show you that beauty is in the eye of the beholder… I love them!!

    Two things I do to foster creativity is stay in and clean up, and get out and take photographs. I can only work for so long in chaos, so cleaning up makes room for new ideas to bloom, and getting out gives me a change of scenery to clear my mind of all the other noises and demands.

  10. Gosh, I don’t think that any of them look like dogs! Any one of the three would be great fun to work with. What I do to bolster creativity? Actually I have a few tricks but most often lately I ‘m finding myself delving into other creative venues (both as a learning process and for practice) as a creative boost to my artquilt making.

  11. Suzanne says:

    Oddly enough, I often turn to something ugly, or something so patterned I haven’t been able to think of anything to do with it, or something that has failed in the past. In short, something where I have NOTHING to lose. Then I let my imagination go wild and just start working with it. By the time I’m well into it, my creative juices are flowing again.

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