My Sanctuary

I have so enjoyed looking at the pictures people from the QA list have posted of their work areas.  I have been working at cleaning and reorgainizing some and decided to share pictures of my sanctuary. It is my happy place :). I’ll start at the door and work my way around the room.


My Bernina 155 in an Arrow folding table.


The wire basket units are from my favorite store, IKEA. The set is called ANTONIUS. I still need to go through all of these baskets and weed out the fabric I don’t want to keep and refold the rest. I like using a flip and fold for that.


This is my embroidery corner. I keep my old latop connected to my Singer CE-200. The drawers hold more thread, fusibles, interfacing, templates, beads, machine accessories for the serger and embroidery machine. In the foreground is my main worktable. It is 6 feet long.


The white cabinets hold my serger and Singer IZEK machines, magazines, books, machine parts, and paperwork stuff. On top of the cabinets are my vintage toy sewing machines. Most of these I collected when we lived in France. We didn’t have any bathroom storage and very little in the way of kitchen cabinets there so we bought these tall white storage units then. When we came back to the US, I got them :).


The closet has bolts of fabric, batting, quite a few vintage Singer sewing machines, more bins of fabric that wouldn’t fit in the wire baskets (oops!), and pretty much everything else that I do not know what to do with!


This is my design wall made from foam insulation and covered with the back side of a flanel table cloth. The ironing table was a gift from my dad. It was originally a lab table from an old biology classroom. I covered it with a couple layers of Warm & Natural and then a length of ironing board fabric from Jo-Anns. I LOVE it. The basket in the corner holds scissors, rotary cutters, small rulers etc.


This is my most often used machine, my 1955 Singer Model 201. It will take any thread without complaint. I can sew through a tin can as easily as fine fabrics. It is the best $25 I have ever spent! The “clotheslines” are actually curtain hanging wires from IKEA. They come with great little clip/hook dealies so you can easily clip up works in progress or small finished pieces. I LOVE this. I got the idea from another brilliant blogger, Cheryl at Thanks Cheryl!

My room is in our finished basement. It is usually nice and quiet. Often when I am working, one or another of my kids will show up. We’ve had a lot of serious talks in this room!

Thanks for taking a tour with me!

About katyquilts

I am a wife, mom of four amazing adult kids, and a former librarian. I love making everything from traditional quilts to art quilts. I am thankful to God my Father and Creator for the gift of creativity!
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16 Responses to My Sanctuary

  1. I too love to see other people’s sewing spaces. I love Ikea.. I haven’t bought any of the organizers yet but I have a plan.. Thanks for sharing.

  2. katyquilts says:

    Hi Ellen,
    Good question! My table doesn’t move that easily and even if it did, I have assorted sewing machines under it :). I set my iron to the side (usually on the leaf of the closest sewing cabinet, in the picture it is covered with stuff LOL) and I reach over the table. Sometimes I have to stand on a chair. Not ideal but in my current situation, I don’t have any better place for the design wall. I mostly work on smaller projects these days so far it hasn’t been a huge problem. I would love to have a whole wall for this though!

  3. heartsongblog says:

    Katy – Fabulous studio! I love it. One question tho – how do you reach your design wall without having to reach over your ironing table? Or does it roll out when you want to pin things up? Ellen.

  4. Eileen Keane says:

    I love your room!!! It deserves the name “happy place”. I have the Antonius system-just not as big as yours.

  5. Your space looks pretty darn good. I’d be right at home there. My favorite (and main) machine is a Singer two-tone 301 in a “maple” cabinet. It works like a dream. I have several other 301s just in case this one gives out.

  6. I really enjoyed looking at your studio pics, Katy, especially the shots of your design wall (awesome pieces!) and your hanging system for finished pieces. Thanks for the tour!

  7. katyquilts says:

    Thanks to everyone for the stopping by and for the great comments!

    Good luck finding a lab table Rebecca. It really is great, 24″ deep and just under 5 feet long so it is the perfect size and height. It is heavy oak so it is VERY sturdy!

  8. Great space Katy. I love your pressing table. Now I’m off to Craigslist to look for an old lab table!

  9. Katy, I love your work ~ It’s fresh and soothing to look at.

    Your workspace is great (and so neat:)

  10. KarenF says:

    Thanks for the tour! You have a wonderful workspace…so organized! (Mine is so NOT! It is the poster child for being in need of an overhaul…)

  11. Sue Andrus says:

    Great space to work in!! I have those same cabinets in my bathroom… I wish I had room in my studio- they would be super. Great work!

  12. katyquilts says:

    Kimberley, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE them! They really hold a lot of fabric and even if you have to have them shipped, they still cost way less than anywhere else. You can buy wheels to put on the bottoms if you want those. Thanks for stopping by!

  13. kbaxterpackwood says:

    Nevermind I see you got them at IKEA, will need to see about getting some for my studio!

  14. kbaxterpackwood says:

    Katy where did you get those wire baskets??? I could really use something like this for my studio.


  15. katyquilts says:

    Thanks Norma! I am truly blessed :). Thanks for visiting!

  16. Norma says:

    What a fabulous work space, so neat and organized. I like those cupboards with doors, I wish I had room for them. I also like all the works in progress on your design wall.

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