Another Ladder Piece


This was actually the first ladder piece I started. It was not the first one I finished though! Funny how that happens. You can see that it is quite different from the others but I do still like it. These are fabrics that I bought from IKEA when I lived in France back in the late 90s. I am so glad we have an IKEA here in Michigan now! It is still my favorite store. But they no longer have these great rust and yellow fabrics.

 This piece hung in my recent solo show. While they are used to hanging paintings, they do NOT know what to do with textiles! So for most of the pieces, like this one, I added a 4 ” sleeve and then inserted a piece of foam core cut to fit. It was slightly longer than the sleeve so I could put a hole in each end . Then I ran picture wire through each hole and used packing tape to secure it to the foam core on the inside. Then the piece could be hung from the wire just like the watercoor and oil paintings they are used to :).  Here are a couple pics that hopefully will explain better:blog1


Their hanging system has hooks that stick out from the wall a ways so the foam core tended to tip away from the wall more than I would have liked. It works fine for heavier items or things on canvas that have a hollow back. I need to think more on what I would do next time in the event I have a show there again.

Now I am off to enjoy the wonderful fire in the fireplace! Have a great night.

About katyquilts

I am a wife, mom of four amazing adult kids, and a former librarian. I love making everything from traditional quilts to art quilts. I am thankful to God my Father and Creator for the gift of creativity!
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6 Responses to Another Ladder Piece

  1. katyquilts says:

    I am glad this was helpful to you Diana! I would add that if you have a quilt that is very wide, you may want to use something a bit stiffer than foam core. the weight of the piece can cause it to bend slightly if the quilt is very wide. I would suggest trying it out and modifying for your quilts as you see fit. I have used a similar method for hanging irregularly shaped quilts. I will post pics of that process in the future. Congrats on your show. How exciting! Wish I was close enough to see it too!

  2. Diana Bracy says:

    Thanks for sharing. This is my answer to make a more professional look for my Mosaic Quilts. They needed to hang like Art. Thanks so much. My show is Spring 2009 Boulder City Fine Arts Festival, Boulder City, Nevada.

    I’ll be much improved from my first show, last year.

  3. katyquilts says:

    It is a challenge to find ways to hang things, isn’t it? I have done canvas also. It does seem to give some pieces a bit more imortance that way!

  4. katyquilts says:

    I am glad it was helpful to you Elsie! I hope to get over to Osceola to see the show. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. KarenF says:

    I hear ya! That’s why the majority of my wall pieces now get mounted on gallery wrapped canvas…it looks more like “art” and they know how to handle it! 🙂
    If it’s going to a quilts only show (guild, PAQA, etc.) then a sleeve is good

  6. elsielf says:

    Thanks for posting about the way you hung your quilts at your show. I’m going to be participating in an “Art Crawl” in our county in January and needed that info! BTW, it’s in Osceloa Co., MI. C’mon over if you get a chance. Mine will be in Kettunen Center.

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