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A little of this and a little of that…

I enjoyed a very relaxing weekend with the family. It was Daughter #3’s birthday and we went shopping to celebrate. The place she wanted to go was an hour away so I dug out my sock knitting. I started this … Continue reading

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Stash Enhancement….

….at the LYS. I consider myself a real novice when it comes to knitting so I have not splurged on really nice (read “expensive”) yarn. Until today…. On top is a superwash merino wool for socks. The brand is Happy … Continue reading

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This and That…

I have had this charm pack for at least a year and finally decided to do something with it. It is from Moda but I do not remember the line. I found a tutorial for making 9- patches out of … Continue reading

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What I have been up to…..

I ┬ájust finished this t-shirt quilt for my middle daughter. We worked on it together but I did the quilting and binding. Some of these shirts go back to her preschool days! She will be leaving in just over a … Continue reading

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Back from Wisconsin

We went to visit my family in Wisconsin over the weekend to celebrate my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. Fifty years is a long time and I am proud of them! They are a fantastic example of working through things and … Continue reading

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Mitten Knitting Season…

….is now open! When the temps hit the 80s, I declare it to be mitten knitting season. I try to fill a bag in the summer and then I give them away when winter comes. I can’t stand the thought … Continue reading

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Where have I been?

Last week was all about finishing projects, papers, and presentations. I have one more class and a final today and should be studying…..but am I? Well, yes, in between reading interesting stuff on the web and writing a blog post….thinking … Continue reading

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Sock Knitting – After thought heel

I got a new sock knitting book! Here it is: This book had an interesting idea called an “After thought heel.” The idea is that you knit a tube but use a piece of waste yarn where the heels goes … Continue reading

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Hello World!

I am still alive! I have been substitute teaching quite a lot though and haven’t done much of any sewing. Here are a few pics of my daughter’s new room that we redecorated for her after her brother left home: … Continue reading

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Finally back to the blog!

My son has left the nest! It was a lot of work getting him ready to go. As soon as he drove away, my youngest daughter was ready to redecorate and take over his room! So the week my DH … Continue reading

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