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This and that….

Yesterday, DH and I took a little road trip to our favorite outlet store. I was able to finish this sock except for the bind off. I heard about a good stretchy bind off but had failed to take the … Continue reading

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What’s on my needles?

My pink socks are coming along slower than I would like but at least there is progress. Yes, this is still the first sock of the pair! At least it is going faster than the last pair! I would like … Continue reading

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What’s on my needles….

On the way home from a short road trip not long ago, my wonderful hubby pulled into the parking lot of a yarn store I had never visited. He is pretty wonderful like that! Anyway, I found some lovely pink … Continue reading

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A little of this and a little of that…

I enjoyed a very relaxing weekend with the family. It was Daughter #3’s birthday and we went shopping to celebrate. The place she wanted to go was an hour away so I dug out my sock knitting. I started this … Continue reading

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Stash Enhancement….

….at the LYS. I consider myself a real novice when it comes to knitting so I have not splurged on really nice (read “expensive”) yarn. Until today…. On top is a superwash merino wool for socks. The brand is Happy … Continue reading

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This and That…

I have had this charm pack for at least a year and finally decided to do something with it. It is from Moda but I do not remember the line. I found a tutorial for making 9- patches out of … Continue reading

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What I have been up to…..

I ┬ájust finished this t-shirt quilt for my middle daughter. We worked on it together but I did the quilting and binding. Some of these shirts go back to her preschool days! She will be leaving in just over a … Continue reading

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Back from Wisconsin

We went to visit my family in Wisconsin over the weekend to celebrate my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. Fifty years is a long time and I am proud of them! They are a fantastic example of working through things and … Continue reading

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Mitten Knitting Season…

….is now open! When the temps hit the 80s, I declare it to be mitten knitting season. I try to fill a bag in the summer and then I give them away when winter comes. I can’t stand the thought … Continue reading

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Where have I been?

Last week was all about finishing projects, papers, and presentations. I have one more class and a final today and should be studying…..but am I? Well, yes, in between reading interesting stuff on the web and writing a blog post….thinking … Continue reading

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