WIPs, UFOs or Stash?

I’ve been thinking lately about the above listed terms.

WIP = work in progress, usually something you are currently working on.

UFO = unfinished object, a project you have started, but are not actively working on.

Stash = well, we all know what this is…. but then again….

Sometimes, I think of my precut stash as more UFO than stash. For example, I received this lovely FQ bundle from Daughter #1 for Christmas last year. Since the moment I saw it, I knew I wanted to make something with big blocks from this bundle. Perhaps a Swoon quilt or something like that. In my mind, I had this ear marked for such a project. So it has felt like a UFO.

 I recently decided on a block pattern (not Swoon) and cut my pieces out. This kit  is now all ready to sew. So, is it a WIP now?

Here’s another example:  I  listed  these layer cakes on my UFO parade, along with this QCR,  for the year even though I had not even removed the ribbon.

Feels like a UFO to me!

I have some great stash and while I am not on a fabric buying diet, I want to intentionally use what I have instead of just collecting it.  So I recently  created a board on Pinterest of quilts that I want to make soon. I looked through all of my pins, keeping my stash in mind and chose several projects that I wanted to make with fabric I already have on hand. I plan to remove these pins when I finish actually making the quilt. It is a working board rather than an idea board, if you will.

And then I started cutting.  These 30s repro prints were cut up to make an hour glass quilt I had pinned.

I cut up the Dear Betty FQ bundle I showed earlier in this post for another traditional pattern I liked. I cut scraps into rectangles that I showed in my Scraptastic Tuesday post. The quilt I showed for Design Wall Monday got cut out at the same time. I had a quilt pinned that I wanted to make and the fabric I wanted to use fit. Now it is in the done column instead of in the someday column.

I think UFOs can weigh us down and having a huge fabric stash apparently does the same for many people. I mean, it is a waste if we never use it! There has been a proliferation of the hashtag #thegreatfabricdestash over on Instagram. I honestly do not feel a need to sell off the fabric I have purchased. Even the old stuff finds a home eventually. But the great joy in owning fabric, is in finding the perfect project for it, not collecting it. At least, not for me. So I am picking out patterns that I have wanted to make and matching these up with fabric that I have. I am taking note if there is something I need to purchase so I don’t go crazy when I do go shopping.

I bought this layer cake at Missouri Star. I picked out a quilt I had pinned that will work well. It is laying on top of a solid Kona from my stash. For the pattern I chose, I want one more solid, maybe a steel blue. I’m adding that to a wishlist I keep on my phone.

I have more matchups to make.  I know I want to make a pixel quilt with this bundle of blues. I have to find the right picture to use for it, but when I do, the fabric is ready and earmarked for it.
I bought this bundle in Paducah a few years ago, still looking for the perfect pattern, but even that is progress. I just looked at it and petted it for the last few years! Same with this Kaffe bundle. Looks like it would make a great wedding quilt, and I will be needing a few of those in the not too distant future.

Charm packs. I love them as much as the next quilter. Such joy in having one of every print in a fabric line! No plans for most of these yet.

A CD tower (remember CDs?) is great for storing charm squares and FQs. And don’t get me started on layer cakes!

I’m getting over my fear of opening those pretty bundles. There really will always be more. Having projects kitted up and ready to sew really helps me to be productive.

I’m off to sew before work! Have a great day playing in your stash :).

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Scraptastic Tuesday

Two posts in one day for two days in a row? I guess I am wordy this week! Anyway, today is the day for She Can Quilt’s Scraptastic Tuesday link up. And I have been working a bit with scraps lately. I recently spent some time cutting up a bunch of scraps into these 2 inch by 3 1/2 inch rectangles.  I saw this quilt at Klein Meisje’s blog and have had it pinned for ages on Pinterest. While sorting scraps, I decided it was time to start cutting for it. Eventually, it will be laid out like this.

She cut her rectangles only 1 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches!  Yikes! I loved her blue background and want to use a solid for my alternate pieces as well. I need to find something for that yet. This would be a perfect leader/ender project. And I need one, so I want to figure out the background so I can start soon. I liked this idea so much, that I also cut the same size pieces from Civil War repro scraps.

I’d like to alternate these with shirting scraps. I need to cut lots of those. In fact, this little container has about 650 pieces and I need about three times that many to make a bed quilt.

BTW, I used this die to cut my rectangles. 

 I have been using these squares and making 4 patches as leaders and enders but I am nearly out of 1 1/2 inch squares. So I will put them away for a while until I cut more.

Hold the presses! I just found several yards of this blue in my stash! 

Time to get cutting! Woo hoo!

Check out other Scraptastic projects over at LeAnne’s.

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Graffiti Quilting

I made another small quilt this past weekend to practice more graffiti quilting.

I darkened these pictures a bit so the quilting would show up better. You can see the flannel backing in this next picture.

Before I started this one, I looked at this tutorial on Karlee Porter’s web site. I used my dry erase board to doodle a bit before going to the quilt.

I think it helped to get into the flow of it. This will get finished off with a machine binding for my other grand dog, Bambi.

You didn’t think I would make a quilt for one and not the other, did you? Their momma, my Daughter #2, will be deploying this summer. She has a house sitter who will also take care of the dogs. I thought if she slept with these little quilts, they would smell like her and be a comfort to her babies while she is gone.

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PSA ~ Superior Threads Sale!

Just a quick post here to let you know that Superior Threads is having a great sale. 25% off  thread, fabric, needles, and notions! I ordered needles for my long arm and domestic machine. It all ends on February 9th so there isn’t much time. I have no affiliation at all, just a satisfied customer. Their service is excellent. No coupon code needed.

And just because every post needs a pretty picture:


Have a great day!

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Good Morning! So I’ve had this stack of ten inch squares hanging around for too long now and I decided to make a donation quilt out of them. 

Yeah, those florals aren’t really me. Anyway, I cut 8  1/2 inch squares out of them and cut some 4 1/2 inch background squares. I marked the squares corner to corner and sewed on the line. You can’t really see here but I then sewed another line a half inch away.

I cut between the line of stitching to get these.

And these.
I’m squaring up the bonus triangles to 3 1/2 inches with this block lock ruler. It is awesome for this! You trim two sides and then flip the ruler and square to trim the other two sides.

Easy peasy. Not sure what I will do with them yet. Maybe I will use them on the back. I surely don’t want any of this left over.

No progress on the Goose in the Pond quilt. I can’t decide  on a border and don’t want to buy anything.

I realized I don’t have enough of that middle print. Not in love with either if the other two choices. I don’t want to rush this and regret it so I’m letting this simmer on the back burner for now. Maybe I will wait and see if I can find something at my favorite fabric store in Phoenix…..hmmmm…….

I need to figure out a project to take to Arizona with me. Brinton Hall is getting a bit too unwieldy now. But I’m watching Big E and Little E this morning so all this sewing stuff will have to wait. I’ve got babies to hold!

Have a great Monday!

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Slow Stitching Sunday

Guess what? This little bit is all I have to sew to complete the center portion of my Brinton Hall top!

 Time to figure out my next step with this.

Mr. Wonderful  gave me this early birthday gift.

So you know what I will be doing today! Are you slow stitching today?

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Saturday This and That

It’s no secret that I have been less than thrilled with my free motion work lately. So I decided some practice/playtime was in order. I loaded up a piece of white fabric with tiny purple dots and a length of a striped cotton flannel and spent some time doodling. I machine bound it. 

I used bright pink Bottom Line thread from Superior Threads and a low loft Pellon poly batting. I’m still not thrilled with the quilting, but this will be a gift for my newest grand dog. I don’t think Winnie will mind. Here is a picture of Winnie (the little white dog) and my other grand dog Bambi. 

I recently went to a craft night with Daughter #1. We made wreathes from felt for Valentine’s Day. Here’s mine. 

Hubby bought me an orchid several years ago and not only have I not killed it, but it’s blooming again! 

Here is a book I recently finished. I really enjoyed it. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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